Valérie Trierweiler launches a live call on the radio to find a job (VIDEO)

Valérie Trierweiler launches a live call on the radio to find a job (VIDEO)


During her appearance on Sud Radio, this Tuesday, July 5, the former journalist and former First Lady Valérie Trierweiler explained that she was in a professional situation. “complicated” for two years.

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lovers of Beijing Express are in the starting blocks. Their favorite program returns tomorrow evening on M6, with a sixteenth unprecedented edition since it will make way for a special test in Sri Lanka, by putting in competition six duos each composed of a personality and a loved one. Among the unexpected candidates, Valerie Trierweiler, who convinced her friend, named Karine, to accompany her on this adventure. Inevitably, it will be a small event. And the interested party was this Tuesday, July 5 on the antenna of Sud Radio, in order to confide in this original stage of his career. When Valérie Expert asks her if she is not afraid of being criticized by appearing in such a game, the former companion of François Hollande retorts that she is starting to get used to the sometimes malevolent gaze of others.

Valérie Trierweiler is not interested in criticism, her concern is elsewhere…

She goes like this: “Oh you know, I received a bit of everything, the impossible packages. I know not to look at social networks. I told Karine ‘You have to get ready’. There are always mean people, who want to make fun of. Two or three people who will want to attack us (…) I know how to protect myself”. This television parenthesis in the heart of a distant country does not, however, make Valérie Trierweiler forget that she has been going through a somewhat complicated professional situation for two years. Since his ousting from the magazine Paris Matchwith whom she collaborated for 30 years, it’s a bit of a cross and a banner to settle down somewhere.

“With the name I have, it’s complicated”

Admittedly, the 57-year-old journalist has joined RTL’s Big Heads team and sees some of her afternoons occupied by the radio. But that’s not what she considers her business, of course. “I think being a journalist, with the name I have and the life I’ve had, is complicated. I had two professional paths that would have fascinated me, and then finally the doors closed”, she explains, without masking appearances. Before concluding, cash: “So here, I am appealing to find work. Today, I am registered with Pole Emploi. Here, a former First Lady registered with Pole Emploi. I was fired from Paris Match two years ago, I won my case because it was a dismissal for no reason, even for political reasons. And so I’ve been looking for two years”.

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