when to see season 5 on Netflix?

when to see season 5 on Netflix?


STRANGER THINGS. Stranger Things season 4 has ended on Netflix. Season 5 is currently being written, with still uncertainties regarding the plot.

[Mis à jour le 5 juillet 2022 à 15h05] The most impatient fans have already been able to watch the end of Stranger Things season 4. The last two episodes were put online on Friday July 1 on Netflix. It is a bitter finale, punctuated by drama and death, which came to conclude this penultimate salvo of episodes before season 5. And the faithful of the series are now pining for the sequel!

The date of the next season of Stranger Things is not yet known. We know, however, that there will certainly not have to wait three years between the two bursts of episodes. In an interview at HQ, David Harbor (Jim Hopper) mentioned that filming for season 5 is expected to start in 2023. “They’re finishing writing it this year and they have to prepare […] So it will probably be released in mid-2024, based on our track record.”

After season 4 of Stranger Things, several fan questions should be at the heart of season 5. Warning, the rest of this article contains spoilers. The plot should take place in Hawkins, as the upside down world gradually invades the town. We should also discover the fate of Max, in a coma after his confrontation against Vecna, who has disappeared for the moment. But Henry Creel has not said his last word and should return to avenge his defeat, as predicted by Will. We can also expect, in this sequel, that Nancy makes a choice between Jonathan and Steve. Matt and Ross Duffer, the creators of the series, have already indicated that a jump in time will be operated so that the age of the characters corresponds more closely to that of the actors. As a reminder, season 5 of Stranger Things will also be the last of the series. A spin-off of Stranger Things is also in preparation, but no information about it has been revealed for the moment.

Who died in Stranger Things 4 part 2? Spoilers

Several characters of greater or lesser importance died in the last two episodes of Stranger Things 4. Attention, if you do not want to know more, do not read the rest of this paragraph. Only one character present since season 1 died in this season 4 finale. It is Dr. Brenner, also known as “Dad”, who dies under fire from the army while trying to evacuate Eleven from the bunker ” Nina”. Other characters introduced last June died in the last two episodes of this season, like Jason, swept away by the rift from the Upside Down. But the death that shocked fans the most was unquestionably that of Eddie, who heroically sacrificed himself to keep the demon bats out of the real world.

Finally, although she is not actually dead at the end of Stranger Things 4, Max is in very bad shape: the girl was used as bait in the fight against Vecna. She was mortally wounded and succumbed to her injuries. However, Eleven uses her power to bring her back to life. If it works, Max is in a coma and doesn’t seem ready to wake up. Worse, when Eleven uses her power, she can’t see her friend’s subconscious… The fate of this character is definitely uncertain.

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What is the plot of Stranger Things 4 part 2?

The second part of Stranger Things 4 is to be discovered this Friday, July 1, 2022. It resumes directly after episode 7, when Nancy is possessed by Vecna ​​in the upside down world. According to the first images of this sequel, Steve, Nancy, Robin, Eddie, Erika, Dustin, Max and Lucas will prepare a commando operation in the upside down world. However, Max, Erika, and Lucas will remain in our world, with the latter going up against Jason. Eleven will also confront Vecna ​​and find herself stuck in her world, while Hopper, Joyce and Murray will investigate the experiments carried out by the Russians on the Demogorgon. However, we still know very little about the role that Will, Jonathan and Mike will play in these last two episodes.

How long are Stranger Things 4 part 2 episodes?

Stranger Things 4 part 2 consists of only two episodes. However, they should keep viewers in suspense for a (little) moment. Episode 8, entitled “Dad”, lasts 1h25. It is especially the finale, entitled “Infiltration”, which will be particularly long, since Netflix subscribers will have to reserve 2h19 of their time to discover the fate that awaits our heroes from Hawkins.

The last two episodes of Stranger Things 4 will be longer than those of the first part, which went online on May 27. Here is the duration of each of the episodes, mentioned by their titles: The club from hell (1h16), The curse of Vecna ​​(1h15), The monster and the superheroine (1h03), Dear Billy (1h17), Project ” Nina” (1h14), The Plunge (1h13) and The Hawkins Laboratory Massacre (1h38). The latter is the only one to be longer than episode 8.

Watch the trailer for Stranger Things 4 part 2

Stranger Things season 4 recap

The first part of Stranger Things 4 has already been online on Netflix since May 27, 2022. In this first round of 7 episodes, we were able to discover the daily life of our heroes, separated for the first time between Hawkins, California, and Russia. In Hawkins, a supernatural threat hovers as several teenagers are found dead in circumstances as strange as they are atrocious. We discover at the beginning of season 4 that Vecna, an upside-down monster, can control and kill the inhabitants of Hawkins from a distance. Attention, spoilers. Over the episodes, we discover that Vecna ​​is none other than Henry Creel, also a nurse in Hawkins’ laboratory in the 1970s-80s, who was locked up in the Upside Down by Eleven. The latter also manages to regain her powers by remembering the massacre at Hawkins’ laboratory and her connection to Vecna.

Which actors in the cast of Stranger Things season 4?

Season 4 of Stranger Things saw several actors and actresses join the cast, for an episode or for a larger role. As such, we can cite Jamie Campbell-Bower (Twilight, Sweeney Todd), who plays a nurse in the Hawkins laboratory (spoilers for the first 7 episodes) and the big bad Vecna. Joseph Quinn also appears in this season 4 in the role of Eddie Munson, newcomer to the band. In Russia, it is Thomas Wlaschiha (Game of Thrones) who lends his features to prison guard Dimitri.

Other actors complete the cast of Stranger Things in season 4. This is the case of Eduardo Franco, who plays Argyle, but also Grace Van Dien, Chrissy, the first victim of Vecna. Robert Englund makes an appearance for one episode to play Victor Creel, while Mason Dye is Jason Carver. Yuri Ismaylov is played by Nikola Duricko and Lieutenant Colonel Sullivan is portrayed by Sherman Augustus. Elodie Grace Orkin (Angela), Regina Ting Chen (Miss Kelly) and Amybeth McNulty (Vickie) are also part of the cast.

Kate Bush takes center stage with Stranger Things 4

The massive viewing of Stranger Things has allowed Kate Bush to once again become an icon for a new generation. Its title, “Running Up That Hill”, pranced for several days at the top of the charts. It must be said that the song released in 1985 plays a key role in the plot of season 4: Max listens to it in effect on a loop, and this song allows him in particular to get out of the grip of Vecna. The scene of episode 4, “Dear Billy”, is eloquent in this regard and allowed Kate Bush’s song to experience a second wind.

The impressive figures of Stranger Things 4

Season 4 of Stranger Things quickly established itself as a must-have Netflix program when it was first released on May 27, 2022. A week after its launch, 286.79 million hours watched worldwide were recorded by the platform. streaming, a record for the launch of an English-language series on Netflix! It also topped the most-watched programs in nearly 83 countries.

Will Stranger Things season 4 be the last?

It’s been since 2016 that Stranger Things has fascinated Netflix subscribers. Season 4 ends this Friday, July 1, 2022. However, it will not be the series finale, as a season 5 is currently in production. The creators, Matt and Ross Duffer, have however announced that this fifth burst of episodes will be the last. For the moment, little is known about this season 5. We do know, however, that the wait between season 4 and season 5 will be shorter than that between 3 and 4 (three years, in particular due to the crisis of the coronavirus). The Duffer brothers have also hinted that a time jump will be made between the two seasons so that the age of the characters sticks more closely to that of the actors.

A spin-off is however in preparation, the outlines of which have not yet been revealed. The Stranger Things spin-off will be “very, very different” from what the series has offered so far, Matt and Ross Duffer said in an interview with Variety. It would also seem that only Finn Wolfhard (Mike Wheeler) knows what this spin-off will be about, since he would have been the only one to guess the plot that the Duffer brothers have in mind. However, he promised not to say anything about it before the official announcements.

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