Face au Japon, Damian Penaud a inscrit ses 17e et 18e essais avec le XV de France. Il est proche du Top 10 des meilleurs marqueurs.

XV of France. When Melvyn Jaminet and Damian Penaud open the counters in Blues


Against Japan, Damian Penaud scored his 17th and 18th tries with the XV of France. He is close to the Top 10 of the best scorers. (©Icon Sports)

Saturday July 2, 2022, on the lawn of Aichi, Damien Penaud had a special moment. Aligned for the 33 time with the XV of Francehe exceeded his father, Alain, in the number of selections for the national team. And for the occasion, the Clermont winger went therea doubleincluding a try after less than two minutes of play, on a first-hand action behind a simply perfect scrum.

Best try scorer of the Galthié era

If some of his defensive placements are doubtful, if some “kamikaze” climbs have made people fear the worst, Damian Penaud has always had the confidence of a Fabien Galthié who has never ceased to align him. Over the calendar year 2021, the Auvergne winger is the Blue with the longest playing time (807 minutes), and at the same time the best tricolor scorer (7 tries).

Penaud is even the serial marker of the Blues. In this 2021-2022 season, he is the player who has scored the most tries (8, in 8 games) and he even points to the top of this ranking since the start of the Galthié era (13, in 17 games). Dare to say it: Damian Penaud is the most effective French winger today. His 20 tries this season (10 with ASM, 8 in selections and 2 with the Baa-baas), in 26 games played (17 with Clermont, 8 with the Blues and 1 with the British Barbarians) attest to this without possible dispute. .

“He is a guy who is complete in everything he does. He is fast, physically he is a horse as we call him. He is able to win his duels easily, ”welcomes the Toulonnais Gabin Villière about him. By the way, at only 25 years old, he is already knocking on the door of the Top 10 of the best scorers in the history of the XV of France : he has already registered 18, while appear at 9e tied rank Patrice Lagisquet and Yannick Jauzion with 20 tries on the clock.

XV of France. Penaud’s 8 tries during this 2021-2022 season

France – Georgia: 2 tries
France – All Blacks: 1 try
France – Italy: 1 try
Scotland – France: 2 tries
Japan – France: 2 tries

The back of the XV of France, Melvyn Jaminet, displays mind-blowing stats as a scorer for the Blues.
The back of the XV of France, Melvyn Jaminet, displays mind-blowing stats as a scorer for the Blues. (©Icon Sports)

Jaminet, top scorer for the Blues during his… 33e selection?

Also present in Japan, Melvin Jaminetbecome the chief gunner of the Blues of Fabien Galthié since the summer tour 2021, also panics the counters. Against Japan on Saturday, he scored a whopping 17 units, bringing his total to 162 points with the XV of France. All in… 12 selections. The future Toulousain, who posted a mind-blowing 91.7% success rate during his first 6 capes, turns 13.5 points per game in Blue.

XV of France. Melvyn Jaminet’s points match by match

Australia – France: 3 pts
Australia – France: 23 pts
Australia – France: 15 pts
France – Argentina: 19 pts
France – Georgia: 9 pts
France-All Blacks: 20 points
France – Italy: 12 points
France – Ireland: 20 pts
Scotland – France: 6 pts
Wales – France: 8 pts
France – England: 10 points
Japan – France: 17 pts

162 points in 12 selections for the France team is unheard of! Christophe Lamaison was “barely” at 118 points at the same time, Jean-Pierre Romeu and Thomas Castaignede not having even exceeded the 100 point mark. By way of comparison, Frédéric Michalak, top scorer in the history of the XV of France (436 points) was at 60 units after 12 caps (but 161 after 16 selections). If he continues on his current standards, Melvyn Jaminet could break Michalak’s Blue record after only… 33 caps!

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