ZEvent 2022

ZEvent 2022 : Date, streamers, association et plus…


ZeratoR has just announced that the 2022 edition of ZEvent will support the GoodPlanet association and will host a new showcase. Streamers, date and more, all you need to know.

After several days of waiting during which ZeratoR raised the pressure regarding its July 4 announcement, the famous streamer has finally revealed that the ZEvent 2022 will soon arrive.

This new edition will once again offer a showcase the day before the launch of the event, and many personalities will be present.

A prestigious showcase

In the casting, we can find, in particular, PV Nova, LittleBigWhale, French Fuse, Berywam, Bigflo and Oli as well as Soprano, who will offer a crazy show to all the viewers and spectators present on site.

Indeed, 6,000 people will be able to attend this musical event at the Zénith de Montpellier on September 8th. The box office will officially open on July 11 from 7 p.m.

When will ZEvent 2022 take place?

The start of the ZEvent will start on September 9 at 6 p.m. and end on September 11.

This year again, streamers will give their all on their respective channels in order to collect as many donations as possible for the good cause.

And after, Save The Children, The Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, the Pasteur Institute, Amnesty International and Action Against Hunger, streamers will now mobilize for the GoodPlanet association which is a French foundation whose mission is to “place ecology at the heart of consciences and arouse the desire to act concretely for the earth and its inhabitants“.

Which streamers will be present at ZEvent 2022?

This year, Alexclick, AlphaCast, Altair, AngleDroit, Antoine Daniel, Arkunir, AvaMind, Baghera Jones, Berlu, Blitzstream, Bob Lennon, Bren, CaMak, CarlJr, Ceb, Chap, ChowH1, Dach, DamDamLive, Doigby, Domingo, DrFeelGood, Stars, Gius, Gom4rt, Horty, ImsoFresh, Jbzz, Jean Massiet, Jeel, Jiraiya, Kenny, Lapi, LeBouseuh, Lege, LittleBigWhale, LRB, Master Snakou, Mister MV, Moman, Mynthos, Narkuss, NBK, Ponce, Rivenzi, Sardoche , Shaunz, Shisheyu, Skyrozz, Skyyart, Tonton, TPK, Trinity, Ultia, Un33d, Wakz, Xari and of course ZeratoR will all be present for this crazy event.

In the coming days, as every year, streamers will reveal their donation goals, enough to give a little boost to the motivation of their viewers and bring some bite to the donations.

Towards a restructuring of the ZEvent after this edition

Following the announcement of this new edition of ZEvent, ZeratoR has announced that the format of this charity event as we know it will undergo changes starting next year.

Indeed, ZeratoR wants to return to a more restricted event that brings together fewer streamers.

However, for the moment, the details concerning this new formula of the ZEvent are still very rare.

But in the meantime, we meet from September 8 for the showcase and the next day for the big launch of ZEvent!

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