ZEvent: dates, association, streamers… ZeratoR gives the details of the 2022 edition!

ZEvent: dates, association, streamers… ZeratoR gives the details of the 2022 edition!


News event ZEvent: dates, association, streamers… ZeratoR gives the details of the 2022 edition!

The ZEvent is certainly one of the most anticipated events of the year in France on the Twitch platform, if not the most. For three days, a large number of streamers come together to raise funds for an association and, each time an edition closes, the most fervent spectators and donors are waiting for only one thing: the announcement. of the next edition to attend this joyful gathering for the good cause. Determined to pulverize, once again, the counters, ZeratoR has formalized the launch of the next edition!


  • The ZEvent 2022 already has its dates!
  • 4 days, 50 hours of live on Twitch and a ton of streamers

The ZEvent 2022 already has its dates!

The 2021 edition of ZEvent ended in apotheosis on the night of Sunday October 31, 2021 to November 1, 2021 with more than 10 million euros collected (€10,063,480, more exactly) in favor of Action Against Hunger. Since September 2017, the charity event has constantly pushed the boundaries of the generosity of spectators, while ensuring a show that, each year, remains in the annals of the Twitch Game. Inevitably, setting foot in summer, we suspected that the 2022 edition was fast approaching, but we didn’t think it would all happen so quickly!

Always so facetious, the streamer ZeratoR (who recently organized the Trackmania Cup and participated in the new edition of the Escape, created by Domingo) had made an appointment tonight at 8 p.m. on his Twitch channel for a series of announcements. We know the streamer particularly involved in the organization of events — he has, for example, made announcements such as a week of streaming with Le Joueur du Grenier on Dark Age of Camelota competition of Worms alongside Mynthos as well as the very last Fight For Sub of the season on Fall Guys, in partnership with Epic Games for a cashprize of 10,000 dollars! —, but we didn’t think that the ZEvent 2022 was part of the revelations! In short, the start of the school year will be hectic since the charity event will take place on September 8, 9, 10 and 11, 2022!

4 days, 50 hours of live on Twitch and a ton of streamers

Once again, the ZEvent will not take place over a period of three days, but over four days. Finally, with a few details since Thursday September 8 will not be devoted to the streaming marathon but to an exceptional showcase which will take place from 7:30 p.m. at the Zénith de Montpellier. Like last year, it will be a musical program that will involve la streameuse Little Big Whale accompanied by a fine handful of artists: the musician and videographer PV Novathe French electro duo French Fusethe beatbox band Berywamthe duo Big Flo and Oli and finally, Soprano.

It is only on Friday September 9, 2022, from 6 p.m., that the charity event will pass the second by giving the starting signal to the fifty or so streamers present in order to ensure a fundraising that we hope for. even larger than the previous one. For this new edition, pledges will be donated to the GoodPlanet foundation, chaired by photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand, which works for ecology and solidarity.. Without further ado, here are the streamers who will make us live, for more than 50 hours of live, an anthology weekend, both united and memorable!

List of streamers participating in the 2022 edition of the Z Event

  • Alexclick
  • Alphacast
  • Altair
  • Right angle
  • Antoine Daniel
  • Arkunir
  • Open me up
  • Baghera Jones
  • Berlu
  • Lightning Stream
  • Bob Lennon
  • Bren
  • CaMaK
  • CarlJr
  • Ceb
  • Chap
  • Chowh1
  • roof
  • DamDamLive
  • Doigby
  • Domingo
  • DrFeelgood
  • stars
  • Gius
  • Gom4rt
  • Horty
  • ImSoFresh
  • Jbzz
  • Jean Massiet
  • Jail
  • Jiraya
  • Kenny
  • Cloth
  • LeBouseuh
  • Lege
  • LittleBigWhale
  • Master Snakou
  • Mister MV
  • MoMaN
  • Mynthos
  • NBK
  • Ponce
  • Rivenzi
  • Sardoche
  • Shaunz
  • Shisheyu
  • SkyRRoZ
  • Skyyart
  • Solary
  • Tonton
  • TPK
  • Trinity
  • Ultia
  • Un33D
  • Xari
  • ZeratoR

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