(CRO) : prédictions de prix pour 2022 enters the list of bankrupt companies? Its CEO puts his foot in the dish

Advertisements is not immune to the psychosis that is gripping the crypto sphere. Its founder also decided not to let it go.

An ever-growing rumor

So where will the bankruptcy of crypto companies end? More precisely, where will the false bankruptcy stop? Too many players are now paying the price, victims of the paranoia that rages within the crypto sphere. Recently, the KuCoin exchange was named as the next bankrupt company, before the gossip ended very quickly. Unfortunately, the phenomenon does not stop there.

Indeed, it is now the turn of to worry its customers. As with its competitor, the platform has been accused of wanting to “freeze” withdrawals. A very marked consequence of the decision of Celsius Network and which launched a real domino effect within the industry. However, members of the community can be reassured: here too, the rumor is false.

Kris Marszalek, CEO of the platform, quickly intervened to reassure Internet users on Twitter.

Despite our development and public unit economy optimization exercise, there are still a lot of rumors floating around every day. I’ve seen two of them this week alone – that we slow down withdrawals and that we run special promotions to encourage deposits. This is all wrong it’s clickbait. Our withdrawals policy is the same as it always has been, we have not implemented any new restrictions. […] People are free to confuse all they want, but that doesn’t change the facts: will be in the top 5, maybe even the top 3 cryptocurrency platforms globally in terms of income this year.

Excerpt from Kris Marszalek’s tweet informing bankruptcy rumor

Source : twitter account by Kris Marszalek

Unfortunately, with the announcement of the bankruptcy of the company Voyager, the fear is not ready to leave the crypto sphere. Other rumors could thus follow for the next few days. It is therefore recommended to consider the information provided by social networks with the greatest caution, until the companies concerned communicate about them.

Bad news still hits customers

If the exchange platform does not go bankrupt, new decisions within the company may still disappoint some customers. Indeed, since the beginning of the week, new fees have been added to the services provided so far. From now on, each user replenishing their crypto wallet using a bank card is charged 1%. At this time, only customers living in the UK and EU are affected.

Source: GRM_Elrond’s Twitter account

Such a decision leaves the public wondering: are things going so well at For the moment, the company has not justified these additional costs but the reactions are not long in coming. Some customers will switch providers and, perhaps, switch to a platform that hasn’t been affected by the rumors yet.


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