REPLAY.  La Marseillaise 2022, Vigo Dubois wins without shaking against Michel Hatchadourian (13-1) and goes to the semi-finals

REPLAY. La Marseillaise 2022, Vigo Dubois wins without shaking against Michel Hatchadourian (13-1) and goes to the semi-finals


No problem in the last quarter-final for the triplet of Vigo Dubois who won in eight ends against Michel Hatchadourian 13 to 1. A game without too much suspense…

Experience the Mondial de la Pétanque:
La marseillaise à pétanque 2022, 61st edition of the world

Quick victory for the Vigo Dubois team in eight ends with teammates Tyson Molinas and Ligan Doerr. A one-sided game, facing a Hatchadourian triplet who never managed to play his six balls on a lead. Despite the shooting exploits of “Maciste”, the versatility of Mayron Baudino and the dazzling performance of Anthony Deslys. Four points for Dubois and his friends who imposed themselves without trembling. Like the Courtois triplet, we will have to rely on this Dubois-Molinas-Doerr triplet.

The Vigo Dubois team is in place, the confidence is there, the lead on the scoreboard is comfortable and above all they manage to play “together”. Ligan Doerr is completely unplayable for him, he points to perfection and his close to ten meters, without pressure offers an important point to his team. 9 to 1.

At the end of a lead which turned towards the end with a nice point from Mayron Baudino who took the cork with him, Michel Hatchadourian managed to score his team’s first point. The score is 8 to 1 for Dubois. But you have to play at 200% to score a point!

Another “attack-defense” lead between the two teams. Hatchadourian strikes twice, Molinas too. Mayron Baudino only hits one out of two and this allows Ligan Doerr to finish the lead with a new point in the pocket of the Dubois team. 8 to 0 in this one-sided game.

We find ourselves in exactly the same configuration, with tiles by Michel Hatchadourian and especially Mayron Baudino. Opposite, the points are perfectly played and Anthony Deslys must strike to score. But the Gignacais misses his first shot, he hits his second. Tyson Molinas continues his faultless at the point. One more unit for the Dubois team which leads 7 to 0.

This lead is particularly well mastered by the Hatchadourian team. “Maciste” and Mayron Baudino make a full lead in shooting, but when they are one ball ahead, Anthony Deslys does not hit him. The penalty is immediate. One more point for Tyson Molinas who adds a sixth point. 6 to 0 for Dubois.

This second end is played on a strange tempo. Vigo Dubois starts his festival and Michel Hatchadourian misses his shot. The “Maciste” team decides to point and no player manages to return. Hatchadourian tries to get the goal out and fails. Opposite, Tyson Molinas made a square on the spot on a ball from Baudino, then it was the sequence of points. 5 for the Dubois team. 5 to 0.

The cap is at 8m50. Anthony Deslys puts a magnificent point in front of the cap. Tyson Molinas jumps the ball but takes the full iron goal… the cork does not come out and he is now almost 15m away. Ligan Doerr points hard against the stopper and he goes out. Lead Cancelled.

Very big confrontation in perspective on the Carré d’honneur France 3 between great players. On the one hand, Antoine Dubois aka “Vigo” winner of the Mondial la Marseillaise à pétanque five times, Tyson Molinas who won it in 2018 and David Doerr aka Ligan, one of the best players of this 2022 vintage. A team that knew find the resources to reach the quarter-finals, after in particular a very badly embarked round of 16 where they were led 10 to 2.

Opposite, a triplet which hit hard on Tuesday by eliminating without trembling the team of Mickaël Bonetto in 16th then by inflicting a “Fanny” on the scorers of Quintais, the Dournaux team, to focus on this quarter of final, difficult of course, but which offers a place in the semi-finals.

Michel Hatchadourian nicknamed Maciste, the young artilleryman martégal Mayron Baudino, and the scorer of the Imperial petanque club of Propriano, the Gignacais Anthony Deslys have the means of their ambitions this year. If they manage to control their emotions in this last day, they are capable of beating any team.

Big game to follow.

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