Elle demande le divorce après avoir vu la photo... Le père…

She asks for a divorce after seeing the photo… The father…

As the family decides to take a family photo, the mother didn’t think it would destroy her marriage. Here is Susan’s storya 38-year-old mom who filed for divorce over a photo.

This photo that cost Susan a wedding

As the family decides to take a picture like a perfect family, it gets destroyed soon after. Susan was then 38 and her husband John was 45. They were one of the couples that you couldn’t imagine without each other. Indeed, their love story has lasted since university. Their lives although not perfect were good, professionally, personally and family.

But a shadow spoils the picture, or rather the photo. Susan felt something was wrong with this picture. And she was right. That day, her husband was already guilty of a great betrayal towards her.

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While everything was going well, Susan wanted to immortalize this moment in their lives when everything was similar to perfection. She therefore decides to find a photographer in order to organize a small photo session with her pretty family. To find him, she used a good old method, word of mouth. One of his work colleagues therefore advised him of one that he said was brilliant. That was good, Susan knew him since he was a friend of the family. The photo shoot was done.

The problem

It was during the change of season from summer to fall. It was therefore still warm and the weather was on their side, offering a beautiful blue sky. The father of the family did not seem very comfortable, but after all, many do not like to be photographed. Susan also knew that her husband didn’t particularly like doing that. But the father of the family will make an effort for once.

When the photographer arrived, he was treated to a very friendly welcome. Indeed, he is a friend of the family who often visits the family and he gets along well. Nevertheless John seemed tense to say the least. His face was even maybe even more tense than before. It was indeed difficult for him to smile relaxed with the secret he was trying to hide.

Susan’s Shock

The photo session ends, the photographer ensures that the family will receive the results of this photo session the next day. Susan has been thinking about it all day, eager to see what the photos of her little family will look like. On her way home, Susan ran to the mail. The photos had arrived. She looked at them all in great detail, smiling at the beauty of the photos.

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But something seemed suspicious to him. Susan is caught up in a detail about her husband. It only shows if you pay close attention to it, but a bell detail. This would explain the nervousness of her husband during the shoot. So she starts looking for plausible explanations, but if she was right, that would explain a lot of things…

When Susan took a closer look at her husband’s hand, he had no wedding ring. This detail only increased the doubts of the mother of the family. But his hand was not without anything, he wore a ring, but not theirs! It was his childhood friend who gave it to him. Susan therefore begins to doubt her relationship with her alleged friend. But suddenly everything seemed to clear up. Many moments of misunderstanding immediately seemed more logical.

The end of the story for Susan

Convinced of her hypothesis, she decided to have the children looked after so that she could talk to her husband alone. When John got home, he directly saw that his wife had something to tell him, it must be said that he has known her well for some time.

Seeing her attitude, Johan sat up, wanting to tell Susan the whole truth. He confessed everything to his wife. The relationship with his friend, and that was why he often visited the family. Susan is very hurt and shocked by all of this. Nevertheless, she reacted well by telling him “Everything is fine, my darling. I forgive you”. Following this, she filed for divorce. And the couple decided to become good friends.

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