the emotion of Gilles Gayraud, qualified for the semi-finals

the emotion of Gilles Gayraud, qualified for the semi-finals


The Gayraud triplet won 13 to 6 in the quarter-finals of the Mondial La Marseillaise à pétanque against Sorrel and won their place in the final four. Gilles Gayraud, twice winner of La Marseillaise, was overwhelmed with emotion.

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La marseillaise à pétanque 2022, 61st edition of the world

The emotion was great this Wednesday morning during the quarter-finals of the Mondial La Marseillaise à pétanque. Gilles Gayraud, Anthony Michel and Joseph Amaya managed to qualify for the final square by beating the Sorrel triplet 13-6.

Interviewed a few minutes after the match ball, Gilles Gayraud, winner in 1998 and 2007, struggled to contain his emotion.

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“For me, it was very important. He’s my friend, we wanted to do it for so long. It’s magnificent. I hope to continue. The main thing is the square. In addition there is my friend Aimé Courtois who also won, it’s nice. We’re going to be a good bunch of friends in the saloon, it’s going to be fine, we’re going to enjoy it”.

His lifelong friend is José Amaya. And at their side, there is the young Anthony Michel, with a clean and precise shot. Tuesday, the trio eliminated the Grandet triplet after a boiling game of 2:30 (13-11).

In front of them this morning, there was the Sorrel triplet: Sorrel Patchouly, Jacques Lombard and the young Louis Molinas. They beat the Sabas triplet in the round of 16.

The start of the game is given around 9:15 am. Not far from the field, two other quarters are played: Rocher against Courtois in the central square, and Salvini against Piacentino.

It’s the last day of La Marseillaise and there’s already a slight scent of nostalgia in the air. It always goes by too quickly.

The score is opened by the Patchouly Sorrel team, with two points. Gilles Gayraud, always impressive at the point, and supported by Anthony and José. The latter concludes the second lead with a magnificent diamond. The multiple Bouches-du-Rhône champion is hailed by his teammates.

VSa also plays very well on the Sorrel side, and for good reason. It is no coincidence to have arrived at this level of competition. The difference may be played on the regularity and versatility of the players.

The young Louis Molinas signs beautiful shots but also makes holes, to his great displeasure. On the Gayraud side, the failures are fewer.

Tyson Molinas, who is about to play his quarter-finals against Hatchadourian, came to encourage the Sorrel triplet which goes back to 2-2 after 3 ends.

The fourth end is particularly painful for Louis Molinas, Jacques Lombard and Patchouly Sorrel. Gayraud ends with three balls on the ground and one in his hands. It’s a +4 that hurts and widens the gap. (7-2)

Antoine “Vigo” Dubois approaches the pitch and watches for a few minutes. Marco Foyot also passes, eliminated by Salvini before the 32nd finals this year.

The energy is no longer the same on the side of the Sorrel triplet. Louis is not in his game and misses shooting several times. 5th leads, Gayraud wins. And yet, it doesn’t want to. Not yet. Instead of 6, they take one point. (8-2)

Gayraud scores three points in the 6th lead and gets closer to the square that makes him dream so much. (11-2). On the opposing side, Sorrel took matters into their own hands in shooting, and it seems to be paying off. They go back to 6-11.

The eighth end is canceled due to a cork drowned by Sorrel in shooting. He had no choice, Gilles Gayraud’s ball was placed just in front of the goal.

He leaves the field again at the next end, this time by Anthony Michel, “Antho”. It all comes down to the tenth and final lead.

Thunderclap in Borély, Dylan Rocher, Stéphane Robineau and Henri Lacroix were eliminated by Courtois on the France 3 main field, 3-13. The “dream team” will not win La Marseillaise 2022. The rumor spread like wildfire.

Spectators coming out of the stands speak of a “bad” part : VSdid not play well. Neither Rocher, nor Robineau, nor Lacroix”. At this very momentAnthony Michel makes a superb diamond. “Aaaah, here it plays!”.

In the aftermath, Gilles Gayraud, José Amaya and Anthony Michel win against Sorrel (13-6). They dreamed of it, they did it. And the adventure is not over for them. See you in the semi-finals against Dubois.

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