What happens to Sylvain Augier, the former animator of the Treasure Map?

What happens to Sylvain Augier, the former animator of the Treasure Map?


Sylvain Augier has long been at the helm of La Carte aux Trésors. (Photo by GERARD JULIEN/AFP via Getty Images)

“The treasure map” returns to France 3 this Wednesday, July 6, 2022, with Cyril Féraud at the controls. Since 2018, the young animator is in charge of the animation of the program. But for 15 years, it was Sylvain Augier who was the face of the cult show.

“The Treasure Map” is a very old public service show, since this game produced by Adventure Line Productions (which produces “Koh-Lanta” in particular) has existed since August 6, 1996, i.e. 22 years. The broadcast was interrupted for several years, between 2009 and 2018, before returning with a new host: Cyril Féraud, one of the new pillars of France Télévisions. Before him, the show had been hosted by Marc Bessou, then Nathalie Simon. But above all, by Sylvain Augier, who was in charge of this adventure game for nine long years, and was very popular with the public.

Video. Sylvain Augier addicted to morphine after a serious accident: “We get used to it, we need it”

The descent into hell by Sylvain Augier

A great sportsman, the original host of the show was the victim of a paragliding accident in 1988, which left him with a foot disability. 20 years later, he recounted his fight against permanent suffering and against a long depression in his book “The moment when everything changed”. On the set of the show “Everyone talked about it”, in 2012, he confided that he had refused amputation, and had developed an addiction to morphine: “It was very hard to stop. A guy offered synthetic morphine. You get used to it, you need it.” At the time, he confides that he “shot himself in the bistro toilets” and that his life was “hell”.

A few years later, while the show “The treasure map” is a success, he is the victim of a new accident, this time on a motorcycle. According to him, France Télévisions would have used this pretext to exclude him from animation: “This decision was difficult. I did not understand very well. Even today, I do not understand. have no grudges, I forgave a long time ago.”

He left the world of show business

Since then, Sylvain Augier has been discreet on the small screen. Until 2012, he hosted a few shows such as “Why, how?” and “Change your life” on France 3, “Vues du ciel” on Voyage and “Vue sur Mer” on Opal’TV. Then, he completely left the world of television. “I’m doing very well,” he said, however, at Gala in 2021. “I live between the Camargue and the Cévennes, in Sommières in Occitanie”, with “an undeniable quality of life, the sun, calm”, he specified. before discussing his new adventure, far from the helicopters and cameras that marked many years of his life.

“I organize the Literary Meetings of Sommières and Lunel, enthusiastically welcomed by the mayor (of Sommières) Pierre Martinez, which attract an audience of several hundred people, several times a year.” At the same time, he reads, he writes. And above all, he now focuses on “the power of the present moment”, without “thinking about regrets”. He is convinced of it: “I have found a meaning to our existence which passes quickly.”

Could he return to the small screen? Perhaps, according to the project: “If today, I was offered a program on meditation, I would do the trick!” The message got through.


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>> Sylvain Augier addicted to morphine after a serious accident: “We get used to it, we need it”

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