Women's Euro 2022 – Katoto, Hegerberg, Harder: the 5 stars to follow during the Euro

Women’s Euro 2022 – Katoto, Hegerberg, Harder: the 5 stars to follow during the Euro


Ada Hegerberg

26 years
70 selections
42 but

His selection record : An outclassed prodigy from an early age, Ada Hegerberg was already there in 2013, when Norway won silver at the European Championship. But his immense club career weighs much more heavily than his international feats of arms. Until when ?

Euro 2022

I promise, this Euro will be completely “crazy”


Why she will animate the competition : Because his return to the national team is an event. In 2017, after a disappointing Euro, she had chosen to abandon the selection, justifying herself in particular by the inequality between men and women concerning the bonuses paid by the federation. In the meantime, she became the first Ballon d’Or in history but above all suffered two terrible injuries: rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament of the right knee then stress fracture of the left tibia which kept her away from the field for more than a year. year and a half. Her return to the spotlight was finally thunderous, crowned by a new continental title (and a goal in passing, making her the first to score in four career C1 finals). OL have found a Ballon d’Or in power. Norway hopes to be able to say the same.

The snapping stat : 55 goals in… 53 Champions League matches. Don’t look, she is the historical top scorer in European competition.

The statement that sums it all up : “It’s just a taste“, after his hat-trick for his return against Kosovo (5-1).

Ada Hegerberg, Norway’s flag bearer for this Euro

Credit: Getty Images

Marie Antoinette Katoto

23 years
30 selections
22 but

His selection record : Virgin. The young Frenchwoman, absent from Corinne Deacon’s list in 2019, will play her first major international competition. Like a certain Kylian Mbappé, to whom she is constantly being compared, in 2018…

Why she will animate the competition : Because it is the main offensive argument of the Blue for this Euro. His rise to power at PSG also coincided with his takeover in Corinne Deacon’s squad. Fast, powerful, killer, solid from the head, Katoto has all the attributes of the modern goalscorer, with exceptional physical abilities. Sometimes criticized for her lack of big performances in important matches, she seems to have reached a milestone in this area. But this Euro is able to definitively place him in a separate caste. The offensive system of the Blues, in particular via its connection with Kadidiatou Diani, will be centered on its qualities. Something to shake the nets. Many already imagine her as the competition’s top scorer.

The snapping stat : 10 goals in 8 matches during the Euro qualifiers. Did you say killer?

The statement that sums it all up : “I have rarely seen such a strong and complete attacker“, according to Laure Boulleau.

Marie-Antoinette Katoto with the Bleues jersey

Credit: Imago

Pernille Harder

29 years
134 selections
68 but

His selection record : Thanks to her goals, she took Denmark to the final of Euro 2017, without succeeding in defeating the Netherlands in the final.

Why she will animate the competition : Simply because she’s one of the best players in the world. When joining Chelsea in 2020, the Dane became the most expensive player in history (270,000 euros), without this affecting her performance. At 29, she is at the top of her game and will be the spearhead of a Danish selection in search of results. Very committed to the fight for equal pay and LGBTQ + rights in sport, she also embodies one of the faces of committed football in 2022.

The snapping stat : 2. Like the number of times it has won the Guardian Top 100 (2018, 2020), a reference in the matter. Ada Hegerberg, Lieke Martens, Sam Kerr and Alexia Putellas have only won the timpani once.

The statement that sums it all up : “I’m not afraid of anyone. I don’t like fear. We respect our opponents, but we fear no one“, she advanced to AFP.

Pernille Harder

Credit: Getty Images

Vivianne Miedema

25 years
111 selections
94 but

His selection record : It is the only one of our selection to have already lifted the trophy. In 2017, she finished second top scorer in the Netherlands despite a sluggish start to the competition. His awakening was brutal: goal in the quarters, goal in the half, doubled in the final. She is also world vice-champion. His experience, at only 25 years old, is already very solid.

Why she will animate the competition : Because deep down, she is a bit at home. At Arsenal since 2017, where she has just extended despite the court of the biggest clubs, Miedema takes pleasure in shining on English lawns. Like Katoto, she looks like the archetypal modern striker, complete, fast, prolific. From an early age, she proved that her sense of goal was above the norm, already becoming the top scorer in the history of the selection.

The snapping stat : 100. Currently at 94 goals with her selection, she would like to make this Euro the moment to cross the 100 mark. Complicated but not impossible knowing her.

The statement that sums it all up : “The English must be tired of my face, because I see myself passing all the time when I turn on the TV“, on his relationship with his adopted country.

Viviane Miedema, the taste of the goal

Credit: Getty Images

Lea Williamson

25 years
31 selections
3 but

His selection record : Skinny since the defender was not a starter in the Three Lionesses team selected for the World Cup in France. It’s her first Euro and she will be captain of the favorite team. It will take strong shoulders.

Why she will animate the competition : Because they are the embodiment of this English team that the country is just waiting to love. Williamson is loyalty incarnate: an Arsenal fan, a member of all youth categories since 2006, she has only known the Gunners as a professional club. At the Three Lionesses, it’s the same thing. Passed by all age categories, she instantly caught the eye of Sarina Wiegmann, new coach, when choosing her captain. It is the soul of the English, favorites in their country. History of bringing football home?

The snapping stat : 16 years, like the number of years spent at Arsenal. Ongoing series.

The statement that sums it all up : “Captaining England for the Euros at home will be the greatest honor of my life.“.

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