4 simple tips to increase your chances of winning the €230 million jackpot

4 simple tips to increase your chances of winning the €230 million jackpot


Here are 4 tips to increase your chances of winning at Euromillions, at least at one of the 13 available payout tiers. With a prize pool of 230 million euros this Friday, July 8, 2022, there will be more than ever the opportunity to play several grids in order to increase your chances of winning.

If you will be tens of millions of players to play at least one grid for the Euromillions draw on July 8, you will also be several millions wanting to win the prize pool of 230 million euros. To do this, discover our 4 simple tips to significantly increase your chances of winning, if not the jackpot, one of the intermediate ranks of the European lottery.

1. Play a multiple grid

If they have a lifetime, martingales in modern lotteries unfortunately no longer exist. Stefan Mandel’s method of winning the Lotto 14 times and winning Euromillions for sure is not financially viable in 2022. The new rules learned through their past experiences and today’s statisticians no longer make it possible to counter the laws of probability, unless you want to lose every time.

That’s why there’s only one way to increase their chances of winning at Euromillions, and that’s by playing more…

For this, the multiple grids allow you to play more than 5 numbers and 2 stars, allowing you to significantly increase the chances of intermediate winnings and even those of finding the winning combination in full. Going up to €990 per play, these multiple grids contain up to 396 different unique combinations. You can check 6 numbers and the 12 stars, or 10 numbers and 2 stars, find the full multiple grid table below.

Friday 08 July 2022 230 000 000 € jour hour min sec To play

2. Test a grid with Star+

Exclusively available in France, the Etoile+ game option at Euromillions triples the chances of winning from 8% to 25%. With a 1 in 4 chance of winning at least a few euros, the hopes of winning at Euromillions become even more interesting than those at the French Loto.

Of course the option is not free and you will have to pay 1€ more to be able to validate a Euromillions My million grid with the Star+ optionbut here is a great solution to easily increase your chances of winning something and not seeing your ticket lose in…92% of cases.

3. Diversify numbers and stars

As we saw earlier in this article, you will have to play several grids if possible to increase your chances of winning the Euromillions jackpot this Friday, July 8th. With this in mind, playing different numbers and stars for each of your grids will allow you to broaden your range of touch possibilities.

Indeed, where the multiple grids confines you to a determined list of numbers, multiplying the simple grids allows you to play numbers for each tens and to mix enough stars to increase your chances of obtaining one of the 13 ranks of Euromillions winnings.

It is by diversifying your numbers, stars and more generally by playing ten grids that you will have the best chance of winning (not with the jackpot of 230 million euros), but of obtaining at least one winning grid. .

4. Play 1260 grids with Multichances for €7.50

The 4th and last piece of advice we can give you for improve your chances of winning at Euromillions is to play in a group with the Multichances game offer.

Exclusively offered online on the FDJ.fr website, the groups of players are formed from 660 to 1260 grids which you can participate for only, and respectively 5€ and 7,50€.

Naturally, during a shared grouping like here, the winnings will be equally divided between the number of participants ranging from 330 to 420 players. However, with an equivalent of 1260 grids played, the chances of winning the pot of 230 million euros will be much higher!

Friday 08 July 2022 230 000 000 € jour hour min sec To play

Multichances: pack of 1260 Euromillions grids

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