Ambre Dol (Large families) worried about her husband Alexandre, she gives news of his health

Ambre Dol (Large families) worried about her husband Alexandre, she gives news of his health


For the past few days, the Dol family, an essential tribe in the TF1 program Large families: life in XXL, is hit by covid. Completely “flat”Alexandre, the dad, worries his partner Amber.

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It has now been several weeks since the Covid epidemic started again in France, with a seventh wave of the toughest. Bad news that jeopardizes the summer holidays of some French people. Among the populations affected by the disease, we find a tribe well known to fans of the show Large families: life in XXL. Because yes, unfortunately, the Dol clan is hit hard by the epidemic. For several days, Ambre, the mother, has been moving heaven and earth to take care of her loved ones who have fallen ill. This Tuesday, July 5, the emergency nurse took her companion, Alexandre, to the doctor as his condition is worrying.

“He lost 5 kilos in three days”

In a story published on Instagram this Tuesday, July 5, Ambre Dol confided in her difficulties in managing her loved ones struck by the Covid. At the moment, the mother goes back and forth to the doctor and the pharmacy to follow the evolution of the disease. And if some have mild symptoms, this is not the case for Alexandre. The pillar of the family completely overwhelmed, worries his companion a lot: “Okay, I’m going back to the doctor. This time, I’m taking Winona because the cough has gotten worse”, she said on the famous social network, before continuing: “I’m also going to take Alex, who is unable to drive. He’s flat, lying down all day. He still lost 5 kilos in three days. It seems huge to me so I told him: ‘Are you sure ?’ He told me yes, he was 84 kilos on Friday and now he’s 79. So I’m going to take him.” To be a little light and positive, that should at least satisfy Alexandre in the quest for his summer body.

A little paracetamol and here we go again”

In any case, Ambre does not let herself be discouraged and takes her role as a mother very seriously. Also affected by the Covid, the 36-year-old volunteer firefighter braves the disease to put herself at the service of her family. “Difficult to sleep… I have acute pain in the kidneys: 39.5 of course! A little paracetamol and here we go again”, she quipped, captioning an Instagram post, before adding: “Moms, when you’re sick, you still have to manage the house. The men, they sleep. My darling, he’s tired. He’s been vomiting a lot for two days. (…) But he’s really tired of home tired . I’m flat too.” It only remains to cross our fingers so that the Dol family gets back on their feet as quickly as possible and that Amber can, in turn, rest a little.

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