Audiences: What results for the "13 Hours" of TF1 and France 2 this season?

Audiences: What results for the “13 Hours” of TF1 and France 2 this season?


The midday duel. After years of stability, the “13 Hours” editions of TF1 and France 2 both experienced a change of incarnation in January 2021. Part of France 2 to replace Jean-Pierre Pernaut, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau presented her first newspaper on January 4, 2021. The same day, Julian Bugier became his main competitor by taking control of the “13 Hours” of France 2, following Nathanaël de Rincquesen, who acted as joker during the transition.

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For both of them, the season which is ending was therefore supposed to be the first in which they were fully in exercise. But if Marie-Sophie Lacarrau made her comeback on August 23, 2021 on TF1, she was unable to resume her newspaper at the start of the school year in January due to health problems and was replaced successively by Jacques Legros then by Julian Arnaud. The journalist from the south-west resumed her duties on May 16.

This instability at the level of the incarnations was felt on the hearings of the “13 Hours” of TF1. On average, this season, the newspaper was followed by 4.55 million viewers, for a market share of 39.1%* to the general public according to Médiamétrie. As an indication, during the 2020/2021 season, marked by the last months of Jean-Pierre Pernaut in the exercise after 33 years and by the arrival of Marie-Sophie Lacarrau, the newspaper of the first channel had been able to count on 5 .40 million followers and an audience share of 41.4%**.

“I do not perceive an alert today”

A worrying drop? “We are and we remain very largely leaders. It’s a drop that I put into perspective, confides Thierry Thuillier, deputy general manager of the information division of the TF1 group, who highlights the waltz of incarnations to explain this slight decline. “In the first half of 2022, three incarnations followed one another“. “I don’t get an alert today. Marie-Sophie has done a very good job since she came back. We are on the initiative again“, summarizes the boss of the info. Who hears “powerfully reaffirm“At the start of the school year, the pillars of TF1’s “13 Hours”, starting with proximity. “We are preparing new meetings to further anchor this newspaper in the reality of the daily life of the French.“. Even if it means reinforcing the ultra-local aspect of the “13 Hours”.

On the side of France Télévisions, we remember, the boss of the info Laurent Guimier, then freshly appointed to his post, had paraded in November 2020 with our colleagues from the “Parisian” by declaring: “Julian Bugier will surprise you and could close the gap. Marie-Sophie is not Jean-Pierre“. What about at the end of the season? On average, since the start of the school year on August 30, 2021, Julian Bugier has been followed by 2.54 million French people (21.8% of the public)*** against 2.81 million people for the 2020/2021 season (21.5% of people aged 4 and over)**** where viewers had seen Marie-Sophie Lacarrau, Nathanaël de Rincquesen and Julian Bugier succeed each other in a few months.

“I’m not here to take viewers from other people’s homes”

But with an increase of around 0.3 points over one year, Julian Bugier’s newspaper is not yet able to shake its competitor. “I’m not here to pick up viewers from other people. I am here to meet the expectations of the public. We try to be in a notion of service“, sweeps Michel Dumoret, director of the national editorial staff of France Télévisions. He is delighted to have stabilized this season the team of columnists around Julian Bugier or to have organized several newspapers relocated to the provinces. “When we talk about closeness, it’s like when we talk about love. Words are good, deeds are better“, he summarizes. The “great wish” of Michel Dumoret is therefore to pursue these delocalized newspapers next season. “We haven’t decided on the cadence yet. This will be part of the discussions we will have at the start of the school year.“.

TF1, for its part, is considering offering new “13 Hours” in the provinces next season after Marie-Sophie Lacarrau’s first relocated newspaper presented from Narbonne on June 30. And this even if this event coincided with a season low in market share for the channel (35.0%). “Jean-Pierre (Pernaut) launched his ’13 Heures’ by regularly outsourcing his newspaper. It’s something that’s slow fragmenting“, recalls Thierry Thuillier.

Kareen Guiock’s news stable on M6

Finally, on the side of M6, in this changing context, Kareen Guiock’s “12.45” shines with its stability: the meeting was followed this season by an average of 1.38 million French people (11.2% of the public)*** against 1.48 million (11.3% of 4+)**** a year earlier.

* average of TF1’s “13 Hours” from August 30, 2021 to July 1, 2022, excluding the newspaper of March 3, 2022 which received Prime Minister Jean Castex
** average of TF1’s “13 Heures” from August 31, 2020 to July 2, 2021, excluding Jean-Pierre Pernaut’s last diary on December 18, 2020 and historical bug of February 18, 2021
*** average of the “13 Hours” of France 2 and the “12.45” of M6 of August 30, 2021 to July 1, 2022
**** average of “13 Hours” of France 2, excluding JT broadcast against the bug of TF1 and “12.45” of M6 from August 31, 2020 to July 2, 2021

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