But what's going on with the Z Event 2022?

But what’s going on with the Z Event 2022?


The Z Event 2022 will be marked by the seal of a double controversy. The absence of certain streaming figures on the one hand, which has triggered the anger of certain fan communities, and the choice of the supported association, accused of “greenwashing”. Since then, Zerator, the creator of this charity video game marathon, has been trying to calm things down.

It was to be a party around the video game, a community event and the opportunity to help a cause. But since July 4, 2022, the tone has risen vigorously around Z Event, the famous charity marathon organized each year by Adrien Nougaret, alias Zerator. In question ? The choice of the association that will receive the donations collected during the operation.

Because this year, the team’s choice fell on the GoodPlanet foundation. Apparently, it presents a quite respectable profile: it is chaired by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, famous director and photographer, to whom we owe The earth from the sky, a book on the beauty and fragility of the blue planet. It subsequently gave rise to a documentary, which had a notable impact in understanding the impact of human activities on the environment.

The GoodPanet homepage. // Source: Screenshot

At a time when the consequences of climate change seem more and more obvious and threatening, the choice of an environmental structure like GoodPlanet, which intends to act in the field of ecology, seems coherent. This is also a first for the Z Event: until now, the associations selected have focused on helping people (Save the Children, Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, Institut Pasteur, Amnesty International, Action Against Hunger ).

Only, like the planet, tempers have been heating up since the announcement of GoodPlanet’s choice. Because this foundation, like Yann Arthus-Bertrand, is criticized for not presenting an absolutely impeccable profile to talk about ecology and, above all, for not being sufficiently irreproachable to benefit from the support of the Z Event. . Thus, over the past two days, quotes from Yann Arthus-Bertrand have emerged, while GoodPlanet’s activities and links have been singled out on Twitter.

Support now denied for the World Cup in Qatar

Main reprimand that comes up on social networks: the fact that Yann Arthus-Bertrand has in the past supported the organization of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, which he seemed to do in exchange for help for complete the financing of one of his films, Home, in order to be able to distribute the work for free in Arab countries. This is what he said in December 2021 to France Inter, during an interview.

This support for a sports competition in a country with very restrictive climatic conditions (the competition has been moved to winter, the stadiums are equipped with a vast air conditioning system) obviously appeared to contradict the public commitments of the party concerned, which occasionally intervenes in the media to raise public awareness. Not to mention the human cost to bring six new stadiums out of the ground and renovate the existing one.

yann arthus bertrand
Yann Arthus-Bertrand. // Source : Ary Kerner

This support, Yann Arthus-Bertrand says he regrets it today. This is what emerges from his radio interview. ” I shouldn’t have supported him. I sent several letters today to Qatar, I have no response “, he assured. Even speaking of a bullshit Yann Arthus-Bertrand added that Qatar is not a model of development: it is the country with the largest ecological footprint in the world. »

Accusations of “greenwashing”

As for GoodPlanet, it is through its partners and patrons that the foundation is singled out for participating, involuntarily or not, in “greenwashing” activities – this practice consists of giving oneself the appearance of a organization acting for the benefit of the environment, while its practices go in the other direction. Under these conditions, GoodPlanet’s commitment would not be so sincere and would serve as a convenient facade for others.

The list of supporters, available on the site of the GoodPlanet foundation, thus shows companies such as BNP Paribas (a large bank accused of financing activities in fossil fuels), Total (a giant in the oil industry), EDF (which may occasionally use fossil fuels) and various other companies, such as Garnier, Ariel, La Poste, Guerlain or Allianz.

The partners page also features the actions of these companies alongside GoodPlanet. Thereby, ” BNP Paribas supports numerous GoodPlanet Foundation projects », notably through a carbon action program in India, but also the contribution of expertise. For EDF, these are two projects, in India, the other in Indonesia, with, among other things, solar energy. For Total, there is talk of support for the construction of biodigesters.

Some companies are accused of “greenwashing”. // Source: Pixabay

Elements likely to fly? To read the reactions, certainly not. ” Fund an ‘ecological’ association that promotes the most polluting industry possible… No thanks, it will be without me, and choose better next time », tranche Hassan. « It is difficult to give money that will be used for this kind of promotions », warns Jauraiopointing to posts from GoodPlanet.

Critics point, for example, to the use of NFTs to raise funds, others to the place given to anthroposophy and biodynamics, which are currents marked by pseudosciences. Some of these practices are similar to organic farming, others fall into magical thinking where we see approaches — in wine in particular — whose effects have never been validated by science and whose effectiveness is questioned.

Result of the races, criticism rained down on Twitter against the choice of the Z Event and Zerator to have retained GoodPlanet.

Zerator’s Disarray

So much so that the organizer of the charity marathon ended on the morning of July 5 by splitting a messagewhere he expresses great dismay: “ what happens around Z Event 2022 affects me greatly. I try to focus on the positive. I am stunned by the wickedness of some (of a very intense violence) around a free charity event in which we put so much time and energy. Disgusted. »

This message, in fact, is the mirror of another lively controversy that has emerged at the same time since the announcement of the line up of personalities who will participate in the 2022 edition of the Z Event. The problem ? A quarrel, because the fans of this or that streamer who is not present have obviously given voice to express their disagreement – ​​and make it clear that they would shun the event, as long as their star will not be present.

The Z Event of course has its recurring personalities, and friendships may have been formed over time between Zerator and others. There are also guests who are there punctually, for one or two editions, but without having the certainty of returning the following year. You also have to deal with the availability of each other. Sometimes guests will not be able to honor their presence because of commitments made previously.

Zerator, during an event in 2016. // Source: Julien Kuhnel

Added to this is the fact that the Z Event is a face-to-face event in a physical location, with a limited number of places – even if often, everything is done to push the walls and accommodate as many people as possible. The organization must be able to assume about fifty hours of streaming – almost three days – for the marathon, the logistics and the stewardship to follow. Impossible, in clear, to invite all the Twitch Game and the French YouTube Game.

Among the absentees who have been reported for the 2022 edition include the Player of the Grenier, Squeezie, Michou, Locklear, Kamel, Billy, Amine, Laink, Terra or even Inoxtag. It is difficult to know for each of them the deep reasons, which are not always known to the public. For the Attic Player, it’s becausehe already has an event planned on the days of the Z Event. For others, it is possibly the attitude at the Z Event 2021 that may have played a role. Inoxtag had been at the heart of a controversy for sexist remarks made in public and live.

Adrien Nougaret obviously did not go into this type of detail, but he let know that the invitations had been sent on May 4, several months in advance (the marathon will take place from September 8 to 11): ” When it’s a planning problem, it’s bad luck, but we can’t postpone everything and we thought that warning 5 months in advance would be enough. I am obviously disappointed not to see some very important streamers of the platform, know that they have all been invited, but no one is obliged to come. »

The interested party subsequently split a series of messages to re-explain the purpose of the Z Event, which is neither a race for views nor a competition to break donation records each time – even if crossing the previous ceiling remains appreciable. And Zerator to invite the public to give another association, if ever the one that has been chosen is not suitable for such and such a reason. As for GoodPlanet, Zerator preferred to refer to the answers of the association, which for two days has been trying to do “damage control”.

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