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Carole cracks in front of Gary | Ludo in trouble because of Jade – Such a great sun July 12, 2022 (episode 916) | Such a Great Sun


Discover the detailed summary of Un si grand soleil season 4 in advance episode 916 of Tuesday July 12, 2022 on France 2. Ludo ready to discover the hidden face of Jade. Gary and Carole Martinez in confidence mode or almost.
The complete recap of the soap opera Un si Grand soleil from 07/12/2022 with all the spoilers and preview photos of the day’s episode 916. #UnSiGrandSoleil

Will Gary and Carole Martinez end up becoming friends ++?

Find the full summary of Such a big sun episode 916 broadcast on France 2 on Tuesday July 12, 2022 (see the summaries in advance of Un si grand soleil ): the detailed recap of the previous episode Such a big sun episode 915 is online.

The security guard arrives at the house where Jade and Alban are robbing. They force the security guard to give the code for the front door.

Ludo attends the scene where the guard is threatened with a weapon, then Jade and Alban give him an injection… he collapses.

Alban and Jade open a drawer where the various luxury watches are hidden.

Aurore Verneuil calls Florent for news: the investigations are not reassuring. His father’s situation is not progressing… Enzo is worried about Aurore. Kira has understood that he has not dropped the case.

Jade such a big sun

Jade doesn’t know yet that Ludo wants to end everything with her.

Verneuil’s daughter paid 300 euros to Moreau… but the latter asks for 400 euros because of inflation. Verneuil says it’s not legal to change their agreement… but Moreau tells him that if he refuses, he won’t be able to protect him anymore… and the worst happens quickly in prison.

Manu and Thierry question the guard following his attack. He just reveals that there were two of them and there was a woman.

José Alvaro says bravo to Jade and Alban for their small harvest: he gives them 12,500 euros x 2.

Florent such a big sun

Florent concerned about the situation of Philippe Verneuil and his daughter Aurore

Ludo tells Alice what happened the day before: he tells her that Jade went into a big villa with a guy. Ludo senses that there is something fishy, ​​he thinks Jade took him for a c**.

Manu such a great sun

Thierry and Manu lead the investigation

The attackers of Carole Martinez are not identified: Cécile Alphand wants to organize a confrontation between Philippe Verneuil and the driver. Carole is exhausted, she confides in her lawyer Guilhem… she can’t stand being under protection at the campsite. Carole prefers to go home even if she is in danger. Guilhem encourages Carole to hold on, she can’t give up now.

Such a big sun in advance episode 916 of July 12, 2022: Enzo is still thinking about Aurore

Aurore explains to Florent that her father Philippe is extorted by Moreau, her co-detainee. Aurore explains that she makes transfers from her personal account.
Florent’s fees, he decides to spread them over 2 years to make it easier for Aurore.

Florent such a big sun

Florent tries to reassure Aurore

Jade calls Ludo, she leaves him a message because he doesn’t answer. Jade confides in Julie that she wants to suggest that Ludo take the next step.

Guilhem USGS

Guilhem is Carole’s lawyer

Gary looks at the stars and he sees that Carole Martinez is not in good shape…he tries to make her smile again. Carol starts crying. He offers her a drink…but she decides to go back to the mobile home.

Manu and Thierry watch the surveillance video of Jade’s robbery, Ludo appears. Manu wants to question him to find out more, he suspects him of being in cahoots.

To be continued on full summary Such a great sun episode 917 broadcast on Wednesday July 13 on France 2.

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