Christine Bravo dégoutée, elle partage des clichés choquants à son retour à paris

Christine Bravo disgusted, she shares shocking photos on her return to Paris

Between her Corsican village and her Parisian barge, we can say that Christine Bravo now shares a double life. That said, the woman goes back and forth from time to time. But lately, it is with real shock and deep disgust that she experienced her last return to the capital. Want to know more information about what happened? Find us in the next paragraphs more details!

Christine Bravo: a disappointing return!

Christine Bravo’s return to reality can be found more or less difficile. And some will even say that she had just lived a waking dream! This June 11, 2022, the woman married Stéphane Bachot, her dear and tender life companion. The happy event took place in Corsica. If this trip was defined as a real moment of happiness, it was with a bad head that the host had welcomed her return to Paris.

As a reminder, it is in Paris that Christine Bravo’s barge is moored ! That said, she therefore feels a kind of emotional connection to this particular city. In addition, know that the wife of Stéphane Bachot has other occupations apart from his interventions on the radio. To name just one, the woman had previously hosted the show ” The Big Heads by RTL. In addition, it also excels in the field of architecture! Available for rent, it maintains a real paradise garden that navigates the waves of the Seine!

She drops everything on the networks!

After her time in Corsica, Christine Bravo’s return to the capital was particularly rude ! Basically, she was just shocked! Indeed, know that the host of Les Grosses Têtes found herself in front of a frame that is not visibly very aesthetic. By noticing streets filled with trashthe woman did not hesitate to share her opinion on social networks.

With a photo in support, we could see so far the dissatisfaction of Christine Bravo by writing her text. The woman began by clearing up the rumors circulating about her person. If everyone is wondering if she had abandoned her Parisian barge in favor of my Corsican village, she rightly denied it. “But this is what I discovered on my dock, 200 meters from Notre-Dame, on my return,” she continued, visibly on edge.

Christine Bravo: She is disgusted!

And to answer these false assertions, Christine Bravo confronts a question that she asks herself: “Living in chaos and filth or in a Corsica that respects its environment”. The moderator had also underlined the immature acts of this kind which only harms the image of France! “And we are going to show this shame to the whole world at the Olympic Games? I am revolted. Disgusted,” she added.

Known for his passion for the navy, it will take Christine Bravo more to abandon her life as a sailor. Moreover, this environment had allowed him to meet the love of his life. At that time, the woman had come across barge advertisements and a specialized agency. The director, who is none other than Stéphane Bachot, had given him a tour of a boat that was falling apart. At first sight, she fell in love with it and decided to buy it. Since that day, the two began to grow closer and fell in love with each other. “It is with him that I live today, on his boat,” she told the newspaper Le Parisien.

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