Cyndie (Mariés au premier regard) dévoile ENFIN pourquoi elle n’a pas voulu coucher avec Jauffrey !

Cyndie (Married at first sight) FINALLY reveals why she did not want to sleep with Jauffrey!

Viewers had a lot of hope in their couple. Unfortunately, their hope was dashed. The couple, like many others on the “Married at First Sight” show, made the choice not to continue their relationship after their marriage. And yet, everything seemed to be going so well between the lovebirds. They were very accomplices during the first glance exchanged and the festivities and got closer and closer during their honeymoon. It all came to nothing, however. As Cyndie confessed, she felt much more like being married to “a friend” rather than a “husband.” This then played a lot on their couple, in particular the fact of not sleeping together.

“I didn’t want to give myself away”

Since has made no secret from the beginning, during the review of “Married at first sight” that he wanted to go beyond a simple relationship with his sweetheart. Not that he wanted to experience carnal pleasure with her from day one, far from it, but he would have just liked to “consummate the marriage” at some point or another.

Cyndie didn’t seem very tempted by that. The reason ? She revealed it during her interview with Télé-Loisirs. Everything would have started from his arrival in Marseille, to the discovery of the apartment of his spouse. Indeed, the candidate did not feel at home.

“When I arrive at Jauffrey’s, it was very embarrassing, I feel a little uncomfortable,” she confessed, referring to the toilets that weren’t working and the fact that the apartment is located still under construction.

She was not then motivated to take the next step. That’s not all ! Cyndie also said she made the decision not to have sex with Jauffrey long before she showed up at his house.

“By mutual agreement, on the honeymoon we still discussed. It gives the impression that we didn’t talk about it but we discussed it anyway. On the honeymoon, I didn’t want to give myself away,” she said.

The young woman then went on to say that she wanted above all to be sure that her love story could go far before making any decision.

“I wanted to know what he expected from this experience, if he really wanted to have a woman in his life, especially if he was ready,” she said.

They got divorced

With all these problems, the couple decided to divorce. It was in the June 20, 2022 episode that viewers learned the bad news. Despite their complicity, their relationship did not work out. An end which was initiated mainly by the many reproaches made by the young woman.

“I don’t know what he’s going to say or what state of mind he’s in. I don’t know if he came relaxed, if he came back up. You should know that we were already separated on the balance sheet, “said Cyndie to Télé-Loisirs.

Jauffrey’s reaction

The former swimmer keeps a bitter taste of their separation. He explained to Le Figaro:

“Everything was fine in my life, I didn’t need that. In the end, I still went to Paris to meet the production, who presented “Married at First Sight” to me as a benevolent programme. I thought to myself why not. The presence of experts reassured me. It was a nice trip for me and my family. And if in addition they found me the woman of my life, it was all good! I went there without calculation behind the head. »

Florent Manaudou’s friend had recognized the chemistry between him and his sweetheart. According to his own words, the more the wedding evening passed, the more he appreciated Cyndie. There was a nice communication between them.

“She was afraid that there were white people in the car taking us to the party and, in the end, there were none during the hour journey. We were already in our bubble and our families got along well. My buddies felt like we had been together for ten years,” he said.

Anyway, for the sequence of his apartment which had shocked several viewers, Jauffrey had clarified things.

“The production almost forced me. Before the weekend, I had told them that it was not possible. I had just bought this apartment and I did not live there because there was work to be done, in particular at the level of the toilets where there is a pipe problem linked to the whole building. Two plumbers came, we should make a formwork but I have a water leak in the ceiling. In short, to come back to the filming, the production had told me that there would simply be a small sequence at my place. The journalist told me that people would identify with me that way, that they would see where I live and so on. And with the fatigue of filming that lasts up to more hours, I said OK, ”he admitted frankly.

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