Digital tools to increase the commercial performance of a company


The commercial performance of a company is defined as its ability to offer a product or service that meets the needs of its target.

The development of digital in recent years has changed the buying journey of consumers. This rise in digital power has also forced companies to make changes in their operating and organizational methods. From now on, digital marketing is at the heart of the company’s commercial performance. To be effective, this marketing strategy must be accompanied by effective digital tools.

Tools for creating traffic on a website

To increase its turnover, a company must make itself known to the public and attract as many visitors as possible to its website. To do this, it can rely on two main techniques: outbound marketing and inbound marketing.

Outbound marketing uses paid campaigns to generate traffic. Google Ads is the largest online advertising network in the world. Indeed, according to Falia, Google Ads holds 37% of the market share thanks to its paid ads. This tool is extremely profitable since it provides an average return on investment of 200% according to WorldLead.

Regarding inbound marketing, its objective is to create qualified traffic through non-paying channels. This strategy consists of attracting Internet users to a website using quality content and based on keywords. Social networks lend a hand to websites to help companies achieve their goals. Social networks must be chosen according to the activity carried out. For example, LinkedIn is a primarily b2b platform.

Creating qualified traffic is only the first step towards improving business performance. Businesses then need to turn visitors into leads.

lead generation tools

Traffic conversion is the most important step in an effective growth strategy. Once the company’s website content and social media post captures visitors’ attention, it’s imperative to entice them to provide their contact information. Thus, the website can offer downloadable premium content in exchange for the Internet user’s e-mail address. It can be a white paper, a video or a guide for example. For this step, the creation of a landing page is essential. This webpage should contain a prominent call-to-action button and a contact form. There are many tools on the market that allow you to create landing pages such as HubSpot, Plezi, Leadfox or WordPress.

It is also possible to quickly find customers thanks to Hall. The LeadIn prospecting software uses LinkedIn and emailing to generate qualified leads, in particular through the creation of automated scenarios.

Marketing automation tools to sell better

Marketing automation is a process aimed at automating the marketing function. To save time and save money on the budget, a commercial entity must automate certain tasks such as managing the customer journey or sending emails to be more efficient. This automation makes it possible to seize all the opportunities that arise to encourage consumers to make a purchase or to retain them. Plus, automating time-consuming tasks frees up the marketing team to focus more on selling.

To take advantage of an all-in-one solution, many business owners decide to use Dusk. This tool automates the follow-up and transformation of leads into customers. It also offers the possibility of centralizing all points of contact. Thus, it is easier to establish communication with customers to retain them.

In short, a company’s commercial performance depends on its ability to adapt to the requirements of the market in which it operates. In the digital age, digital tools are an essential lever for increasing a company’s commercial performance.

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