Foot OM – Sale OM: A former close friend of Al-Khelaifi wants to buy Marseille

Foot OM – Sale OM: A former close friend of Al-Khelaifi wants to buy Marseille


The soap opera of the sale of Olympique de Marseille leaves for a third season, even if Frank McCourt repeats to anyone who will listen that he does not plan to leave. This time it is an old acquaintance of Nasser Al-Khelaifi who would have entered the dance.

For supporters of Olympique de Marseille, the summer is off to a strong start, since even before the first official signings, the fantasy machine that is the sale of the Marseille club has started up again. Two years after the brief passage of the Ajroudi-Boudjellal duo, then the famous sale already recorded, but always secret repeated every day or almost by Thibaud Vézirian, it is this time a new candidate who presents himself at the gates of the Vélodrome. According to Mathieu Grégoire, journalist for the team in Marseille, it is this time Hicham Bouajila who would like to buy Frank McCourt’s club, on behalf of partners from the United Arab Emirates. Hicham Bouajila is known to have been close to Nasser Al-Khelaifi when the latter settled in France before taking charge of Paris Saint-Germain at the request of the Emir of Qatar. In order to get in touch with the McCourt clan, Hicham Bouajila went through Rudy Rabat, player agent based in Val-de-Marne. If he could not get in direct contact with the owner of OM, the Tunisian businessman had access to his lawyers, who referred him to Barry Cohen and Jeff Ingram, two very close to the Boston billionaire.

300 million euros to buy OM?

And from there, we get into the blur, since we do not know if Hicham Bouajila managed to have access to these two advisers of Frank McCourt, even if some relatives of the Tunisian businessman leak information related to the sale, and in particular the fact that Olympique de Marseille would be sold for at least 300 million euros. Responding to the sports daily, Frank McCourt’s entourage remains faithful to the latter’s line of conduct, and repeats that ” Frank is there for a long time and those who spread these rumors only seek to destabilize OM “. And this is reflected on a daily basis, since the American owner has complete confidence in Pablo Longoria and has let the Marseille president know that he ” hoped for sales, a reduction in the payroll, but also 3 or 4 sympathetic signatures to delight the public “. Not really the project of a candidate for sale. In any case, after the first rumors of a refusal of several buyout offers from OM, mentioned Tuesday on RMC, some seem to want to put Frank McCourt in the hard even before the resumption of the season.

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