Gérard Lopez bangs his fist on the table

Gérard Lopez bangs his fist on the table


The ax fell two days ago. The DNCG appeal committee confirmed the demotion of the Girondins de Bordeaux to National 1. It considered that the club did not have the financial guarantees necessary to continue in Ligue 2. In other words, it would be in cessation payment during the season. Bordeaux even risks compulsory liquidation according to some economists, which would mean a demotion to National 3. We are not there yet because the management is still defending itself. She does not understand this situation because according to her, she brought the documents that could allow the rescue of the club at the professional level.

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“We firmly believe that we have a project that holds up. (…) For me, for the club, this club has a positive future. Significantly more positive than it was during the recovery (a year ago)”assures Gérard Lopez during a press conference organized this Thursday, the day after the first friendly match of the pre-season. Bordeaux is acting as if nothing had happened, pending a new appeal to the CNOSF. However, time is running out because the Girondins have still not received the document from the DNCG commission justifying the demotion to National 1. Without this motivation, no appeal is possible according to Lopez.

An appeal to the CNOSF which drags on

“We still have no reason for the decision, we find it very serious. The watch is running. You can’t take a call until you have the motivation. The club has been at a major risk for 48 hours, we have provided all the answers, the money is blocked in an account, and we still don’t have the motivation. Either it is extremely long, for precise and short questions, or there is another problem. This lack of motivation poses a huge problem.” According to the president, Bordeaux has the necessary funds to continue the adventure in Ligue 2, exposing figure by figure with the help of the club’s lawyer and its financial director.

“We have the funds to go until the end of the season. The decision of the DNCG on appeal is not just to dismiss the club. It is dismissing two legal advisers, a commercial court, a conciliator… People who have access to the same documents, to the same amounts. Everyone (…) gave a favorable response”he says, also assuring that “the amount of sales will greatly exceed what is requested”while acknowledging that“we could be criticized on the coverage of the sale of players during the first passage before the DNCG.” A year ago, Bordeaux promised at least €30 million in sales.

Gerard Lopez does not understand

In fact, the transfers of Adli, Kalu and Basic only brought in €18 million. This time, the management estimates that between the new sales, the profit-sharing in the transfer of Tchouameni (and perhaps Koundé), the agreements with its creditors, the town hall and the metropolis of Bordeaux, the club has solid backs and can go back to Ligue 2. “We are not here to beg. We are here so that this club, which represents a region, is put back in Ligue 2. Sportingly, he went there on his own. But if we don’t beg, it’s because we have the budget for the whole season. We want the right decisions to be made, in favor of the club, the ecosystem, the employees. »

Gérard Lopez ended this media intervention by thanking the supporters and local politicians who continue the mobilization and the club’s fight for the scapular. “How could a popular enthusiasm not respond to the need that this club has today to send a message? For me, it is essential. This club only exists for that. The Bordeaux boss looked like he was having a bad day but he is nonetheless convinced. His club will play at professional level when it resumes. “If things are done well, 100%. It’s about having the budget for the season, we have it.

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