HBO Max ne viendra pas concurrencer Netflix, Disney+ et Amazon Prime Video en France

HBO Max will not compete with Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video in France


News hardware HBO Max will not compete with Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video in France

While it was expected in France for early 2023, the SVOD HBO Max service may never be available in France. Warner Bros. Discovery has decided to halt the international development of its platform.

Launched in 2020 in the United States, the HBO Max platform presents itself as a direct competitor to Netflix, Disney + or even Amazon Prime Video. It is an SVOD service that focuses on the substantial catalog of films and series from the colossal Hollywood studio, which also owns HBO, as the name HBO Max suggests.

In April 2022, HBO Max, through the voice of its international development manager, spoke of its desire to expand around the world, with deployment in 190 countries planned by 2026. At that time, France was still part of the lot: HBO Max was even expected to enter the French market in early 2023, immediately after the end of the partnership established since 2008 between HBO and the broadcaster OCS. But a situation brewing at the same time was going to upset these plans.

Today, the international development of HBO Max is at a standstill and its arrival in France at the beginning of next year is no longer relevant. Beyond this disappointing announcement is brewing a future that could well be dark for the SVOD platform.

Some of the heroes of HBO Max.

Warner and Discovery, the merger that changes everything

During the same month of April 2022, Warner Bros. groups. And Discovery merged : a 43 billion dollar operation which gave Warner Bros Discovery (WBD)an imposing conglomerate that led to a restructuring of the hierarchy, but also a review of development priorities.

Pour Varietywhich is the media to have published this information first, the difficulties of growth post-merger between the two groups could have a significant connection in the decision to stop the development of HBO Max. WBD now has a cost reduction target of $3 billionand this could simply be incompatible with the launch of the platform in several dozen countrieswithout certainty that the public will be there.

It is also rumored that the poor results of Netflix published at the end of the 1st quarter of the year would have stung the leaders of WBD. Not only are the American giant’s financial results down compared to the first quarter of last year (1.6 billion dollars in net profit during Q1 2022 compared to 1.7 billion during Q1 2021), but it is above all the net loss of 200,000 paid subscriptions which challenges. And Netflix expects to lose 2 million more in the second half of the year. We understand that, in this context, launching another SVOD platform is not necessarily a very good idea.

HBO Max is also about to merge

Rather than expanding HBO Max’s presence across the globe, WBD is now planning to merge the service with Discovery+, a streaming platform focused on Discovery content. Probably still at the project stage, this approach would allow the group to offer a unique and richer offer, capable of attracting more users.

In France, House of the Dragon will be offered by OCS.

HBO Max will not compete with Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video in France

At the same time, WBD continues to work on new productions on its platform : a Dune series is in the works and the spin-off of Game of Thrones, named House of the Dragon, will have a privileged place on HBO Max from next month. It should also be noted that while Warner Bros Discovery has shut down local productions in many European countries, this is not the case in France and Spain. For now, we don’t know what that means, but it is possible that HBO has changed its mind about the end of its partnership with OCS. Case to follow.

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