here is the infallible method to win the jackpot for sure!

here is the infallible method to win the jackpot for sure!


The Euromillions draw on Friday July 8 and its prize pool of 230 million euros will attract a large number of players. To win the jackpot, discover the infallible method used by Stefan Mandel to win the Loto 14 times!

In front of a pot of 230 million euros this Friday, July 8, 2022, you will be tens of millions wanting to win this historic Euromillions jackpot. To do this, you will obviously have to tick at least one grid, but above all find all the winning numbers in the draw. This is where this method comes in, which will earn you the 230 million euros for sure…but not for free…

Friday 08 July 2022 230 000 000 € jour hour min sec To play

Increase your chances of winning at Euromillions this Friday

Like any player, you want to put the maximum of chances on your side to try to leave richer by 230 million euros. Here are some tips and tricks to allow you to “better play” your Euromillions grids by slightly improving your chances of recovering your bet.

1/ Pool your bets with your friends and play more

The most effective way to win more often at Euromillions is to tick more grids. The mathematical laws are clear and precise, if you have an 8% chance of winning one of the ranks of winnings by playing a single grid, this figure increases naturally as you play different combinations. To do this, invite your friends to play with you in order to pool your bets and be able to tick off more grids. By doing this, you will positively influence the lottery on several counts.

  • Higher chance of earning a middle rank : with several different combinations of numbers and stars, you will have a better chance of hitting one of the 13 Euromillions winning tiers.
  • More chances of winning the My Million raffle: you will get a unique winning code for each grid you tick, so you will have as many chances of winning 1 million euros as grids you play. You should know that the My Million raffle necessarily makes a millionaire in France for each draw, including for this upcoming draw of July 8, 2022.

2/ Check the Star+ option to win 1 out of 4 times

Often underestimated by French Euromillions players, the Étoile+ option is a French exclusivity that allows you to win two additional tiers of prizes (0 number + 1 star or 0 number + 2 stars). Thus, the chances of winning at Euromillions are multiplied by 3 compared to a classic grid, going from 8% chance of winning to 25%.

Even beyond the addition of these 2 ranks of earnings, you will also be able to receive additional earnings on already remunerative ranks. Thus, several thousand euros can be added if you find for example 4 numbers and 2 lucky stars or even 5 numbers and only one lucky star.

3/ Try the “Multichances” solution on to play up to 1260 tables

If you have not collected enough friends to buy several Euromillions grids, the FDJ offers a group game offer called the Multichances offer. In this way, you can buy shares in a group of players made up of 330 or 420 people. Each group pools its bets to play 10 multiple grids so that hundreds of single grids are played, offering a much greater possible gain.

The downside of this game formula will of course be that you will have to share your winnings in the event of victory. But sometimes it’s better to share a pot of 230 million euros than to have everything from 0€.

Win the jackpot for sure

Here we are, after having learned 3 tips to increase your chances of winning at Euromilions, here is the moment to reveal the infallible trick to win the 230 million euros of this Friday, July 8, 2022…

The technique is “simple”, it is the one used by Stefán Mandel, a famous mathematician who, in the 1980s, won the Loto 14 times thanks to a martingale; he played all the combinations (or almost) of several Lotto in the world.

Since you are not limited in terms of the grid played, it is technically possible to play all of the 139,838,160 different combinations and thus be certain of winning the prize pool of 230 million euros.

⛔ You have understood, if this technique is infallible and ensures you win the jackpot, it will certainly take you several weeks to tick all of your grids and this one will cost you more than they will bring you back. Indeed, by playing 139 million combinations, you will have to pay nearly 350 million euros, or a net loss of 120 million euros.

Play Euromillions: the different possibilities

If the infallible method of winning the Euromillions jackpot ultimately seems like a very bad idea, you still have the possibility of playing one grid, or several, for this exceptional draw on July 8th.

To do this, 3 possibilities are available to you between the simple grids (classic), the multiple grids or the Multichances Euromillions offer. For each of these 3 different game formulas, the prizes will be different. From €2.50 for a simple participation up to almost €1000 for a multiple grid containing numerous numbers and stars.

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