In Beijing Express, this scene between Théo Curin and his host moved everyone

In Beijing Express, this scene between Théo Curin and his host moved everyone


PEKIN EXPRESS – First evening for Beijing express “Duos de choc” and first emotional moment for the celebrity duo Théo Curin and his agent Anne Bayard. On Wednesday July 6, the duo and viewers were overwhelmed by the generosity of a Sri Lankan host, who had in fact recognized the Paralympic swimmer.

Despite their star status, the team members have no easy way and follow the rules of other Beijing Express seasons, namely hitchhiking and scrambling to find accommodation each night. And obviously, Théo Curin and his agent had knocked on the right door…

A man of very modest means bent over backwards for his hosts. Shower at the end of an outdoor hose, aperitif, meal… The pair was pampered, which has already brought tears to the eyes of many fans of the show: “It’s always the people who have the least in the wallet, who are the richest”, “The generosity of the gentleman… it brings tears there”, commented Internet users on Twitter.

“It’s incredible”

“I have lived alone in this house for 15 years. As soon as people come, I am happy”, he confides during the evening. An intense moment, which does not stop there. During the meal, the man takes out his mobile phone and shows a video of Théo Curin. “I’ve seen him swim before,” he explains. He had in fact recognized the sportsman amputated of the four limbs when welcoming him.

“I’m hallucinating at the time, I don’t believe it, because it’s not possible for me that a guy on the other side of the world sees a video of me. There is a chance in a billion, even in several billions (…). Honestly, it’s incredible”, raves Théo Curin in front of the camera. ”It means that the message [croire en ses rêves] it passes, even at the other end of the world. It’s extraordinary”, he rejoices again.

This unexpected moment also delighted viewers, as you can see in the selected tweets below.

Théo Curin wowed viewers throughout this first episode, thanks to his courage and mental strength. The pair he forms with his agent Anne Bayard for the Autour de William association already seems to be one of the darlings of this season.

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