Isoskèle, a subsidiary of the La Poste group, acquires CyberCité

Isoskèle, a subsidiary of the La Poste group, acquires CyberCité


La Poste group is continuing its growth dynamic in digital marketing. Via its subsidiary Isoskèle, the group acquired CyberCité, France’s leading independent agency specializing in search marketing and social media.

This takeover strengthens Isoskèle, the French pioneer of the alliance between data marketing and communication, in the field of traffic generation and offers a new set of €91M in turnover for 430 employees.

La Poste group, through its subsidiary Isoskèle (300 employees, 71M turnover), is pursuing its acquisition strategy and announces the takeover of CyberCité (130 employees, 20M€ turnover), a group specializing in the acquisition (SEO, SEA, MEDIA and ANALYTICS) and in social media with his agency OnlySo.

After joining the TimeOne group agency last June, this new union strengthens Isoskèle in its position as a leading French player in communication and digital marketing.

CyberCité, a major player in search and digital marketing present in Paris, Lyon, Chambéry, Nantes, Rennes and Sophia Antipolis, is also an expert in mastering the algorithms of major web platforms (Google, Facebook, Amazon, LinkedIn, etc.) than on content marketing strategies. Its presence in several regions allows a close customer relationship that is dear to La Poste group.

With this new acquisition, La Poste group is now able to enhance its support for companies and organizations throughout the customer journey, both in defining strategy and in executing it.

“This merger between ISOSKELE and CyberCité enriches our ambition as a leader in marketing and digital communication. This strategic move, which creates value for our customers and is significant on the market, is an accelerator for La Poste’s development of innovative and omnichannel marketing solutions.”

Arnaud Tomasi, Director of the Marketing Solutions BU of La Poste and President of ISOSKELE

An innovative and reinforced vision that meets the expectations of advertisers.

Isoskèle is a recent agency, which has been betting since its creation in February 2019, that the balanced marriage of emotional approaches to communication, and more rational approaches to digital marketing, will allow companies to significantly and sustainably improve their business performance.

Isoskèle’s positioning therefore places data analysis and audience knowledge at the heart of its method, to guarantee the intelligence of marketing targeting and the relevance of advertising messages, and thus develop solid and effective links between brands. and their targets.

The acquisition of Cybercité reinforces this promise.

The strength of CyberCité is to generate large audiences on search engines and social networks. The power of Isoskèle is to understand these audiences and turn them into lasting customers. The combination of these strengths will allow the new group to go even further in the analysis of targets and content, by mixing analytics, data science, strategic planning and studies.

To keep this promise, Isoskèle has imagined an unprecedented organization, both vertical and horizontal, which revolves around the functions of experts and architects, and which allows its customers to access multi-expertise teams and multidisciplinary, able to address global issues in an agile way.

With the acquisition of CyberCité, Isoskèle continues to build a new generation player in communication and digital marketing, keeping one step ahead.

“This merger with CyberCité is almost natural because we already have many customers in common. This marriage of our know-how will allow us to offer a perfect balance between the power of advertising creation and the effectiveness of digital marketing. The acquisition of CyberCité is a project that results above all from a shared conviction. The one that the real business performance is the one that is long-lasting. For example, the bridges that we are going to develop between Isoskèle’s customer knowledge expertise and those of CyberCité will allow us to extend our field of analysis to data from organic traffic and data from advertising campaigns from Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon and other major web agencies.

Manuela Pacaud, Managing Director ofIsoskele

“We are proud of this obvious rapprochement between two players who share not only the same corporate values, but also the same ambitions to serve major customers in their market. The complementarity of our offers allows the creation of a leading French player in digital marketing & communication. It is a new stage which opens in the history of CyberCité, after 22 years of innovation as an independent agency. »

Nicolas Claraz, CEO of CyberCity

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