Jarry, Michel Drucker, Léa Salamé… France Télévisions is turning its weekends upside down at the start of the school year

Jarry, Michel Drucker, Léa Salamé… France Télévisions is turning its weekends upside down at the start of the school year


The prize for the busiest TV season goes to… France Télévisions. This Wednesday, the group organized its annual press conference with dozens of faces from the public service to present the programs that will occupy its various channels from September. In addition to new prime time appointments for Laurence Boccolini, Agathe Lecaron or Cyril Féraud, it is especially the weekends of France 2 and France 3 that will experience the greatest transformation.

The return of Frederic Lopez

In a program inspired by The unexpected parenthesis, Frédéric Lopez will make his return to TV. Four years after his retirement from Meeting in unknown land and public service in general, the host will present a program entitled Sunday in the countryside every Sunday afternoon on France 2. It is he who takes the place of Michel Drucker’s red sofa to talk about “love, friendship and life” with three personalities, according to France Télévisions.

“Our wish was to be a bit out of the way, not to be on a set”, as was the case with Michel Drucker’s show, the director of antennas and communications told AFP. France Télévisions programs, Stéphane Sitbon-Gomez. The secrets of the stars will therefore be in a country house “open to the unexpected and to surprise visits”.

The Pope of TV is moving

The red sofa therefore changes channels and times. It is now at 1:30 p.m. on France 3 that the Pope of French TV will offer his guests to confide in him. “It’s going to be a Can’t wait for Sunday revisited. We are going to highlight those who made us laugh, those who make us laugh and those who will make us laugh, ”said Michel Drucker during the press conference. “Since he came back [à la télévision] at the time of the 1964 Olympics, I asked him to stay with us until the Paris 2024 Olympics,” said Stéphane Sitbon-Gomez.

Finally a wider palette for Jarry

Important face of the transfer window of the previous season, Jarry will finally have the right to several television appointments. In addition to his Big Show which has been renewed, the comedian will present See you at Jarry’s every Sunday at the end of the afternoon, a program in which he “will test the tricks that have fascinated social networks”, according to France Télévisions. DIY and decoration, cooking, fashion and beauty are on the menu.

“Renewing entertainment is our priority issue, that’s not where France Télévisions has been the most innovative over the past 10-15 years,” acknowledged Stéphane Sitbon-Gomez.

According to Léa Salamé, “we can’t say anything more”

After a busy presidential year, Léa Salamé will now devote herself to her second-evening show on Saturdays. Exit Laurent Ruquier and We are livethe journalist will now play We can’t say anything anymore. On an arena-shaped stage, she will receive “the sacred monsters of culture, the personalities who make the news in society, politics or the media, and those who have marked their time or history”.

Laurent Ruquier will finally have the freedom to do what he wants with his weekends! Well almost… The host will be at the head of a new program tentatively titled Everything makes us sing Saturday in the first part of the evening. He and his guests will revisit the news in the form of humorous songs. In addition, he will pilot another show based on archival footage, called Today like yesterday.

The end of an era for Numbers and letters

The account is no longer good. Numbers and letters will now be broadcast on weekends but it is not a promotion: the historic program of the public service will no longer make the beautiful days of France 3 from Monday to Friday. The oldest PAF show, after The day of the Lordwas launched in 1972 and has been presented for thirty years by Laurent Romejko.

How will the show be replaced? It is a face that the public of the chain knows well which will from now on occupy the afternoons of the week. Accustomed to the animation of games, Cyril Féraud will embody Family duels, the match of the regionsa novelty in which two families of four will defend the colors of their region by competing every day in three duels and a final.

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