Laeticia Hallyday au plus mal, hospitalisée pour des examens très particuliers

Laeticia Hallyday at its worst, hospitalized for very specific examinations

On July 5, we discovered that Laeticia Hallyday is back in the hospital. We note that it is not just any because it is the one that is very prestigious in Montpellier. Apparently, the latter would have a special appointment with doctor Ruth Nevesny for medical examinations. Why ? Will Johnny Hallyday’s widow still be sick? We give you more details!

Laeticia Hallyday: Back at Uncle Tom’s hut, will there be an alert?

Laeticia Hallyday is often in pain since the death of her husband. It should be noted that the latter was already hospitalized on March 24, 2022. This is due to the fact that she suffered from “chronic gouty arthritis”! In general, it is a kind of inflammation that manifests itself in the articular limbs. In other words, this hemorrhage attacks our joints!

The consequence of this infection is that it can end up immobilizing our limbs. In addition, the most serious thing about this disease is that it does not make exceptions for the upper or lower joints. To avoid deformation, Laeticia Hallyday immediately opted for heavy but effective medical treatment. To this end, the mother of Jade and Joy did well according to the magazine Closer!

The French rock star’s wife received the best care from France!

To begin with, we note that this is the same hospital where Laeticia Hallyday was admitted the last time in March. At the same time, Doctor Ruth Nevesny is the specialist who has always taken charge of her case during her stay in the hospital. Which makes this celebrity know the places like the back of his hand! Hence the reason why she is used to entrusting her life to her professionals !

Moreover, Laeticia Hallyday is already aware of the good reputation of this clinic. In addition, Doctor Ruth Nevesny confirmed this again in 2019, saying: “We are very careful about the patient”. In other words, they are very meticulous with their work! In this way, all its customers trust them blindly! In addition, this medical institution also received the title of twentieth century of curative medicine !

Laeticia Hallyday: She just came back to the hospital for additional exams!

Relax! This is a false alarm. In reality, Laeticia Hallyday is doing wonderfully, but the doctors only called her for routine examinations. After her last hospitalization in Neuilly-sur-Seine and the heavy treatment she has just undergone, She might have some side effects. !

Indeed, this theory is valid for his state of health. Indeed, the results of his analyzes proved that Laeticia Hallyday suffered from low blood potassium. A fairly common symptom that can be qualified by the scientific term of hypokalemia. To remedy this, Doctor Ruth Nevesny must still make him pass other examinations to situate his case!

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