Laporta confirms an offer for Lewandowski and brings up the Cristiano Ronaldo rumor again!


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Every word from him is expected. Joan Laporta, the president of FC Barcelona, ​​was again in front of the media today on the occasion of the presentation of Andreas Christensen. What to evoke the rumors Robert Lewandowski and Cristiano Ronaldo. Words reported by Mundo Deportivo.

About Lewandowski

“I don’t believe them, I think it came from a conversation and it was a joke (about the fact that Bayern would have said that in two years Barça would no longer exist, editor’s note). not from Bayern. We are going to celebrate our 125th anniversary and there are few with our history. You know that we have made an offer for Lewandowski and we are waiting for Bayern’s response. I want to thank the player for his desire to come. They have to assess the offer and we are awaiting the response.”

On Cristiano Ronaldo

“We are very lucky in the sense that most players want to come to Barça, when the possibility opens up they think about it and are excited. We have perceived it and we have this great chance, because from our history, players we’ve had and what we’ve done. I won’t go into names, I’m speaking in general. There are great players who are in great clubs who, when there is the option of Barça, considers it. Barça is still very attractive. The sign is that players like Christensen want to continue their sporting career at Barça. We are going to return to normality and make transfer windows with a great guarantee of success”.

On new recruits

“I will continue not to talk about players. Until we have the second lever, of 15% of the TV rights, we will not recruit any more players. This is the general rule, but there may be some exceptions .”

On the second lever

“We are working to have enough ‘fair play’ to recruit, that’s what we all want. It’s an intention backed by the work. Now the 15% leverage is missing and now. We have to execute the operations that we promised, but always with the situation that there are two parties that must agree. We are doing the levers to clean up the club’s economy and have the “fair play” necessary to be able to recruit. operations in March and all that remains is to make the 1/1 rule”.

On the difficulty of recruiting

“I think the credibility of the club has returned, but the operations have an additional degree of difficulty due to the economic situation inherited. We are in a process of positive equity and we will invest to make the team more competitive. There to those who want to keep us in maximum economic difficulty, but it’s getting better. I think when we make an investment, they’ll see it.”

On Pique

“Gérard is very clear that he wants to have a good season, he let me know. On a personal level, I see him wanting to have a good season. Afterwards, it’s the coach who decides, but he told me transmitted a lot of desire I’m sure he will have his role to integrate them into the group as captain. I don’t get into the technical aspects, it’s not my role.”

About Xavi

“I spoke with him and he is very excited. He conveys very good feelings. We hugged and we hope that everything will go as planned”.

to summarize

Joan Laporta, the president of FC Barcelona, ​​has confirmed a Blaugrana offer for Robert Lewandowski while he raised the Cristiano Ronaldo rumor again. And the Barcelona president kicked in touch for the Portuguese.

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