"Low-cost version", "parody", "Married at first sight in Groland": The Belgian version of "Married at first sight" mocked by French viewers

“Low-cost version”, “parody”, “Married at first sight in Groland”: The Belgian version of “Married at first sight” mocked by French viewers


Last April, the fifth season of Married at first sight ended on RTL-TVI. More than 430,000 Belgian viewers followed the outcome of the adventures of these couples formed after saying “yes” to each other in front of the mayor. While Julien and Elodie have settled in together and discuss joint projects, Séverine and Laurent maintain their relationship from a distance. For Nathalie and Michael, Valérian and Morgane as well as for Laurie and Joël, the marriage was, on the other hand, a total failure.

After having kept the Belgians spellbound, this season full of twists and turns is now offered to French viewers. This Monday evening, the first episode was broadcast on M6. The concept is practically identical to that of the French version whose sixth season ended last week on the same channel. Two strangers, deemed compatible according to scientific tests, are invited to meet in front of the mayor to get married in front of their loved ones. If they said “yes”, they go to a party organized for their wedding and then go on honeymoon. At the end of the latter, they must make a decision: either they remain husband and wife, or they divorce. There is, however, one difference to note. Unlike the French version, the relatives of one of the Belgian bride and groom can meet the suitor of the latter before the passage to the town hall. A novelty that appeared in the last season of Married at first sight Belgium.

Despite the striking resemblance between the two versions, French viewers were not really convinced by the adventures of our compatriots. On Twitter, the critics rocketed following the broadcast of the first episode and what we notice is that the French were really not kind to the Belgian version. “It’s kind of the Wish version of Married at first sightwe believed in So true on NRJ12“, “Looks like a parody“, “Particular anyway the Belgian version … I do not hang at all“, “I have trouble with the Belgium version and I find it soft“, “Le Married at first sight Belgium, it’s a low-cost version it seems“, “Oh GOD! I wanted to watch, but I think I’ll go watch camping paradise. Between the accent and the NONENTE… I had my dose“, can we say on Twitter.

Some, however, hailed the “authentic” side of the Belgian version. “Finally a cast with normal people” or “I find that compared to France, they are more like Mr/Mrs everyone. You have less the impression that they are there to do reality TV or become influencers“, are messages that can also be found on the social network.

Falling this Tuesday morning, the audiences for the launch of the fifth season of Married at first sight Belgium on M6 are disappointing. Reality TV finds itself at the foot of the podium of evening programs with only 1.2 million French viewers in front of their small screen, or 6.2% of audience share. In front of her, we find the seriesCamping Paradisleader of the evening with 3.5 million viewers on TF1, the seriesMajor Crimes with 2.3 million viewers on France 2 and comedyRTT with 1.7 million viewers on France 3.

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