"Masterchef" back on France 2: we saw the first images

“Masterchef” back on France 2: we saw the first images


TELEVISION – Yves Camdeborde is still there, but many other things have changed. In the fall, it is on France 2 that viewers will be able to follow in prime time “Masterchef”, a cooking competition and distant cousin of “Top Chef” reserved for amateurs.

The show – “an international blockbuster in the jungle of cooking programs”, describes Matthieu Bayle, the program director of Endemol France which produces the format – had its heyday on TF1 from 2010 to 2015. Seven years later later, it is on France 2 that it (re)finds its place while the public service was looking for “a great prime time cookery” to fill its program schedule.

During the first episode, Le HuffPost was able to see in part, we discover the 18 amateur cooks (10 women and 8 men) of this new season. In real life, they are a childcare worker, interior designer, scientist, farmer, are barely 20 or over 50, and to qualify they must prepare “their favorite dish” for the three jurors: Yves Camdeborde, face of seasons 1 at 4 of “Masterchef”, Georgiana Viou, finalist of season 1 of “Masterchef” and Thierry Marx. Only 9 will pass this stressful first stage.

Top Chefs invite themselves into Masterchef

In the following episodes, they will have to revisit family cooking classics, take “knowledge tests” to recognize types of pasta or varieties of apples, and “pressure tests” as a last chance around a single vegetable. They will also see figures of French gastronomy (and TV) parading through the kitchens, such as former Top Chef Mory Sacko or Pierre Augé, but also Frédéric Anton (juror “Masterchef” from 2010 to 2014) and Christian Constant (juror “ Top Chef” from 2010 to 2014).

Until there is only one winner left who will win the 100,000 euros, enough, if he wishes, to devote himself professionally to the kitchen. And to see the reactions of the chefs during the tastings, some clearly have all the potential. During a “test under pressure” around the carrot, Thierry Marx has trouble finding faults in the plate of a candidate. Asked by host Agathe Lecaron about the only criticism he would make of this dish, he blurted amused: “It’s annoying. It’s annoying it’s so good!” While Yves Camdeborde particularly praises the “audacity” of these amateurs by evoking, in particular, a surprising association between “onion soup and strawberries”.

But what also makes the crunchiness of this new version of “Masterchef” is precisely the not always perfect side of the renderings. There are the hands that shake (really) a lot, the plates that don’t come out on time and the burnt food (“we have overcooked”, prefer to say nicely the chefs). When voices were raised against the overly sophisticated and spectacular side of “Top Chef”, the France 2 program could impose itself on the contrary, claiming “local cuisine”.

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