McCourt wrote another check (and intends to keep the club)

McCourt wrote another check (and intends to keep the club)


Since his arrival in Marseille, Franck McCourt must make up for financial losses at the end of each season. While he did not intend to put his hand in his pocket this summer, the majority American shareholder would still have put money in the pot!

While rumors of the club’s sale have been circulating for months, and several approaches have been ruled out, Franck McCourt still seems to believe in his project at OM. The American businessman must however bail out the coffers of the club every summer. While the losses were €76m at the end of last season, the team estimates that for the year 2021-2022 they are around €40m. McCourt still had to make an effort to reassure the DNCG…

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Indeed, the sports daily explains that “In recent weeks, he has thus proceeded to write off debts of €60 million (a sum already injected which he has therefore given up on recovering) and has handed over €20 million, sequestered in an account. »

McCourt was still a little surprised to still have to put his hand in his pocket

A relative of McCourt confirms to the team: “Last summer, he said he wouldn’t really try any more. And yet, he continues! These 20 M€ of June are a new effort to avoid a supervision of the payroll by the DNCG. Between the contribution of cash from CVC, state aid and the windfall of the next Champions League, he was still a little surprised to still have to put his hand in his pocket… ” McCourt is still sending the message that he does not want to sell the club, the sports daily specifies that “McCourt thinks he has a unique brand with OM, wants to continue to develop and promote it. »


In 2021, Frank McCourt affirmed his desire to join OM over the long term.

“The club has never been for sale, it isn’t today and it won’t be tomorrow. I don’t want there to be any misunderstanding on this point. This club will be accompanied by my children and my grandchildren after me. It is a generational project. It’s a fantastic football club, with a lot of passion. We felt it recently. They have reached me. This is the reason why I formally deny them. I would like to find a way to stop people from continuing to spread them. I will always be transparent about this, I’m not lying, I never wanted to sell OM. OM is not for sale. I think it’s up to Pablo to present me with a budget (smile). What is certain is that you will see me more often. With the Covid, I had not been able to come in recent months. I hope that the health crisis will soon be behind us and that I can quickly come back to feel this passion and vibrate in Marseille. » Frank McCourt – Source: Provence (02/03/2021)

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