Michel Drucker, France 2 c'est fini, voici son remplaçant une enorme surprise !

Michel Drucker, France 2 it’s over, here is his replacement a huge surprise!

The public must get used to the idea that they will not see their host Michel Drucker on France 2 again at the start of the school year. Indeed, the TV presenter change the channel and goes on France 3, with its show Can’t wait for Sunday which is also changing broadcast channels. The host who will take over Michel Drucker’s slot has been revealed, it’s a nice surprise.

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Michel Drucker déménage

It’s a big decision that Michel Drucker made. Indeed, since 1998 the presenter has been doing his show Vivement dimanche, every Sunday noon on France 2. It is therefore a big change for the 79-year-old presenter. From the end of August therefore, he will now be with his show Can’t wait for Sunday on France 3 and no longer on France 2. Unlike, on France 3 its broadcast will start from 1:30 p.m.

He justifies this career choice “I move. France 3 is part of my DNA (…) For me, it’s going on a channel that looks like me. I am a child from Basse-Normandie, hosted in Provence. I have always felt more provincial than Parisian, in direct contact with deep France (…) It is also synonymous with a new schedule, better exposed. It allows me to reach a transgenerational audience”, he told the Parisian. He therefore finds an interest both personal and professional in this turning point in his career. The latter also revealed who will be the replacement for his show.

The revelation of the Parisian

It was on July 5 that the newspaper Le Parisien made a shocking revelation. Indeed, the newspaper announced who would now replace Michel Drucker on France 2 at the old schedule of Vivement dimanche. And the surprise was huge. His replacement is none other than Frederic Lopez. Although the latter had retired from television antennas since 2018, he is coming back strong. Frédéric Lopez will therefore make his big comeback on the small screen with the France 2 channel. He became known especially for his famous show Meeting in unknown land. It is supposed to resume a weekly show, as was its predecessor show. It will also be broadcast on Sunday noon on 2. Although France 2 was contacted by our colleagues, they did not provide any information stating that the back-to-school press conference took place on July 6.

Strongly Sunday and Michel Drucker replaced

Le Parisien could not have much information. However, we know that the replacement show will not be a talk show. An inside source announces “Very few people know. It will be the big surprise because no one was expecting it. He had stayed away from the PAF, even if he always kept an eye on Rendez-vous in unknown territory since Raphaël de Casabianca took over. Now it remains to be seen what he will do…”. The fact that Frédéric Lopez hosts a talk show would amount to competing with Michel Drucker and that is not the goal. One of his relatives speaks up saying that “Frédéric will make Frédéric. It will obviously be turned towards the other, in benevolence. But it won’t be a It starts today bis. France 2 already has Faustine Bollaert walking during the week, there is no need to do the same”.

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