“Music Hole”, “Ennio”, “The Sacred Spirit”… Films showing this week

“Music Hole”, “Ennio”, “The Sacred Spirit”… Films showing this week



In theaters this week, we are expecting a wacky thriller from Belgium, the portrait of a musical genius named Ennio Morricone, a strange investigation into the disappearance of a little girl within a small community of ufologists . In other words, laughter, music and a bit of the supernatural.

“Music Hole”: a joyful thriller with assumed bad taste

Let us be careful not to believe appearances. The man sitting on the toilet bowl does not only submit to the trivial work usually devolved to these places. It applies to the manufacture of a massive weapon, determining for the continuation of the events. To this end, a plastic bag has been arranged to collect the turds. The voiceover tells us that our man is called Francis, that he is 48 years old and that, at this hour, part of his wife’s body is walking around in the trunk of a Maserati. We have been warned: scatological humor will be part of the feast. In the same way, we will quickly know, as sex, alcohol, drugs and hemoglobin.

Here are some tracks traced, which announce a story of betrayal, revenge, wandering stiff. Consider an infinitesimal part of what awaits us in Music Hole, a Belgian UFO by David Mutzenmacher and Gaëtan Liekens – two troublemakers who we imagine were fed Magritte and André Breton, Tintin and Nietzsche, beer and exquisite corpses. That is to say !

Their previous collaboration gave birth to José, a short format released in 2014. The burlesque spirit, subversive humour, bad taste, already present, were concentrated in twelve minutes. Eight years later, these same components flourish in a crazy story, where failed mafiosos, broken arms of genius, bodybuilt gigolo, old prostitute meet. A world from which develops a plot without tail or head, whose narrative construction is to match, unstructured, and yet clear.

Because the directors are building a cinematographic thriller worthy of the name by letting us believe in a huge mess. Veronique Cauhape

“Music Hole”, Belgian film by David Mutzenmacher and Gaëtan Liekens. With Wim Willaert, Vanessa Guide, Laurence Oltuski (1 h 22).

“Ennio”: portrait of Ennio Morricone as a total artist, possessed by music

What is genius? There is probably no obvious answer, if not a simple answer, to this question. We bet however that the long documentary (more than 2h30) by Giuseppe Tornatore on Ennio Morricone will allow, not to solve this enigma, but to confront its viewer with an almost superhuman dimension of artistic activity. This is what could define, perhaps superficially, the art of the man who was one of the greatest musicians of the second half of the 20th century.e century.

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