The Minions 2: sessions disrupted due to a TikTok challenge - Actus Ciné

The Minions 2: sessions disrupted due to a TikTok challenge – Actus Ciné


Who are the GentleMinions, these spectators who will see “The Minions 2” dressed in costumes and born thanks to a new TikTok challenge?

It’s the new fashion on TikTok: groups of teenagers dressed in suits and ties film themselves while going to see the film The Minions 2: Once Upon a Time Gru. If these “GentleMinions” (contraction of Gentleman and Minions) can give rise to laughter, it is actually a nightmare for cinema operators.

Born in Anglo-Saxon countries, this phenomenon is spreading throughout the world and if the majority of sessions go smoothly, some are a nightmare for spectators who come with their families.

Screams, applause at all costs, dancing in front of the screen, throwing bananas (the Minions’ favorite fruit) and objects… Problematic behavior for a film aimed at a young audience. In some countries, the police even had to intervene. Several British cinemas have also banned access to “GentleMinions” and others have stopped showing the film altogether.

Postponed by 2 years because of the pandemic, The Minions 2 was eagerly awaited by fans (as a reminder, the 1st film totaled more than $1.15 billion worldwide). Those who were still children when the 1st opus came out have grown up and seem to want to reclaim the little yellow men created by the Illumination studio.

A predominantly adolescent audience

The #Minions hashtag has over 8.7 billion views on TikTok to date. The Hollywood Reporter also explains that 34% of the public who saw the film on opening weekend (it was released on Friday July 1 in the United States) were between the ages of 13 and 17, an unusually high proportion of teenagers for an animated film. In comparison, Despicable Me 3, released in 2017, attracted only 8% of teenagers.

The magazine says that so far, almost 90% of the film’s audience is under 25, and 25% of viewers are under 12. Minions 2: Once Upon a Gru has so far grossed $140 million at the US box office and $234 million worldwide.

Released yesterday in our theaters, the feature film recorded 600,000 admissions (including 95,000 in preview) for its 1st day of operation. The Minions 2 thus achieves the best start of all time for an Illumination production and for a Universal release.

The GentleMinions phenomenon is starting to take hold in France, as shown in the photo above posted yesterday on Twitter by UGC, but without overflow and in joy and good humor.

The film by Kyle Balda, Brad Ableson and Jonathan Del Val takes place in 1976. Gru, who grows up in the suburbs in the middle of bell-bottom jeans and flowering hair, sets up a Machiavellian plan to succeed in integrating a famous group. super villains, known as the Vicious 6. But the interview goes awry and Gru becomes their nemesis.

Meeting with Gad Elmaleh, the French voice of Gru

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