the sentence of Galtier which goes badly with the president of the CUP

the sentence of Galtier which goes badly with the president of the CUP


A small statement by Christophe Galtier on the atmosphere at the Parc des Princes was not really appreciated by Romain Mabille, president of the Collectif Ultras Paris, as the latter explained to Le Parisien.

It is a sequence widely relayed on social networks and which delights non-Parisian supporters. In an interview granted this week to the PSG media, Christophe Galtier confided in the atmosphere of the Parc des Princes. “It may not be the place where there is the biggest atmosphere, but it is surely one of the stadiums that marks the most, with its beauty and its name: the Parc des Princes. on the ground we will have princes? I hope that above all we will have very high level and invested players, “said the new coach of the capital club.

“It was useless”

With this exit, he perhaps did not expect to offend some Parisian supporters. Yet that is what happened. As he explains in an interview given this Thursday to Le Parisien, Romain Mabille, the president of the Collectif Ultras Paris (CUP), did not really appreciate this statement from the ex-coach of Losc. “When he says that the atmosphere of the Park is perhaps not one of the best in France, he knows the significance of these words, he could have refrained from it. We will try to make him change his mind. But say that, it’s awkward. His other comments on the Park, on the institution, that compensates. On his last two positions, he also always respected PSG, so it’s a shame that he ruined that with a sentence. It was unnecessary and hurtful,” he explains.

With PSG TV, Galtier had also clarified this: “It’s a unique enclosure! I had the pleasure of being able to access the ground and see the empty stadium. It is already a magnificent historic enclosure. Season after season, the atmosphere is getting stronger and stronger, obviously with more and more expectations in relation to the club’s objectives and means, but I’m very happy. I’ll be very happy to be on the right bench this time to lead my team.”

During his presentation, Galtier was also clear about his pride in arriving in Paris. “I am moved, yes, proud, yes, because here at the Parc des Princes, which is a symbol of French football, there is a sentence: here is Paris, and faced with this sentence you feel everything. the expectations, on the part of specialists like you (the journalists), and the supporters”, he had declared. To forestall any controversy, he also claimed to have “put aside” his Marseille origins.

“I was born in Marseille, it’s a fact, but PSG has always been a club apart. We do a job of passion, we look for the best place to win, we want to train the best players, win the most beautiful trophies… And there is no better place than PSG. I put my Marseille origins aside. Believe me, for quite a few weeks, my days and my nights have been devoted to PSG”, had -he rocks.

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