The shocking phrases of Andy Schleck

The shocking phrases of Andy Schleck


Winner of the Tour de France 2010 on green carpet, after Alberto Contador’s downgrading, Andy Schleck ensures that he remained clean throughout his career.

Andy Schleck gave an exciting interview to L’Equipe on Wednesday, where the Luxembourger talks about the suffering of cyclists. “The Tour is torture”admits the former climber of the Trek, who nevertheless assures that, despite his ambitions, he never succumbed to doping during his career.

“All I can do is swear on my two children”

“I know a lot of people think you can’t win the Tour de France by being clean, says Andy Schleck. And I have no way to prove otherwise. All I can do is this (puts both hands on the table): swear on my two children. But what does it change? To be a pro cyclist is necessarily to be suspect. But it never affected me. What mattered to me was to tell the truth. Before lying to others, a cheater is lying to himself and I couldn’t bear that. »

“I lost a lot because of cheaters”

Andy Schleck also regrets having been confronted with doped during his career. “I lost a lot because of them. In 2007, I finished second in the Giro behind Danilo Di Luca (who tested positive for EPO three times between 2009 and 2013, editor’s note) and no one ever talks about it again, he regrets. I’m glad to say that I stayed white as snow. I preferred to do second or stop rather than do something forbidden. Not only because it was forbidden, but also and above all so as not to betray others. »

“I didn’t really win the Tour”

In the same vein, the Luxembourger had a hard time considering himself a winner of the Tour de France, when his victory in the 2010 edition was not awarded to him until two years later, after the downgrading of Alberto Contador, tested positive for clenbuterol. “No, I didn’t really win it, he believes. I did not climb to the top step of the podium at the Champs-Élysées. I did not wear the Yellow Jersey in Paris. I didn’t sign my contract the following year as winner of the Tour and that, financially, is changing… This victory is on my record but it’s still a disappointment and the years won’t change anything. »

However, he does not seem to blame Contador. “I’m happy to have been able to fight against such a rider. If Alberto hadn’t been there, I would have won two or three Tours de France, but I wouldn’t have made history. (…) He is someone I respect enormously. We will never be good friends because we have two very strong characters, but we get along well. »

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