Valentin, Rachel Trapani's darling already lynched in the first episode

Valentin, Rachel Trapani’s darling already lynched in the first episode


Couple goal on Instagram, but totally different situation in real life? Apparently, according to the reactions of Internet users who were watching the first episode of Beijing Express: shocking duos. The latter do not seem to have appreciated the behavior of Valentin towards his companion and ex-Miss France, Rachel Legrain-Trapani. Fortunately, viewers were able to have a better time finding Inès Reg and her legendary humor. Although she sparked the debate, too, even before the program started…

In reality, it was the family of the young woman who did not seem convinced by her participation in the adventure program ofM6. The reason ? The principal concerned gave it during an interview granted to Entertainment TV. “National family laughter. No one believed in us”she admits at first before recalling a hilarious anecdote with her mother: “I remember, two weeks before leaving, we went for a manicure with my sister, the shop is not even a kilometer from my sister’s house and I wanted to take the car. And my mother said to me: ‘this aren’t you, you want to do the Beijing Express and you can’t walk to the manicure, are you serious?!'”

Valentin Léonard, a “toxic guy”?

Finally, Inès Reg did indeed participate in the program and even managed to invite Aya Nakamura in her luggage. And if she managed to participate in the game, it is also and above all thanks to her family. Because despite the criticism, this one would have supported her enormously: “Nobody believed it and at the same time everyone gave us strength. They told us: ‘we won’t accept that you lose and know that if you lose much too soon, you will be laughed at for a year . The jokes were already ready. ‘So you did Beijing… express?’, for example. On paper, they were dying of laughter.”.

With regard to Valentin Léonard, many Internet users have criticized his behavior towards his companion. The young man was even accused of not loving the one with whom he shares his days. “But valentin??? it looks like he doesn’t even like rachel”said a user while another wrote: “I’m proclaiming Valentine’s Day officially toxic dude of the season! Who’s with me?”. Others have even pointed the finger at the couple: “Rachel and Valentin play the super healthy, sweet and smooth couples on Instagram in less than 1 hour of broadcast we saw them get confused 15 times, talk badly to each other. It shows that the networks are that to appear and that it is fake”.

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