Volley - Ligue A - The project to integrate China into the French Championship "well advanced"

Volley – Ligue A – The project to integrate China into the French Championship “well advanced”


“The project is well advanced, but certain points, in particular legal, really deserve to be clarified to obtain the approval of the ministry” sports. These words are signed Yves Bouget. The president of the LNV pronounced them during a press briefing by videoconference on Wednesday. Yes, the Chinese team could well join the ranks of the French League A Championship.

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“The material and logistical conditions are being finalized, but they really remain to be defined to give the overall framework of this agreement which is far from being finalized”he continued, hoping to be able to close the file “by the end of next week”.

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As part of this project, which is under study “for three months”said Mr. Bouget, the Chinese national team would participate in the next two seasons of Ligue A to prepare for the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

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Among the issues to be settled are the choice of the city where the Chinese selection would be based and that of the compensation that the Chinese Federation would pay to the LNV to be able to integrate League A. On the first aspect, “there are a lot of volunteers to welcome the Chinese team”assured the boss of the LNV: “When you think that the matches could be broadcast live on CCTV with more than a billion viewers (…), the impact could be colossal, the communities have already understood it very, very well”.

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For the financial aspect, Yves Bouget indicated that “the numbers I read are wrong” while the sum of 1.3 million euros per season has been advanced: “There will obviously be financial compensation, when we agree on this amount, but it will be part of a confidentiality protocol”he warned. China, 17th in the world ranking of the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB), currently participates in the League of Nations and occupies 13th place in this competition dominated by France, the reigning Olympic champion.

“From a sporting point of view, said the leader, China will not be able to win the title (of champion of France), but all their matches will count for the championship” and she can participate in the play-offs. “It’s a great volleyball team, it would be the players who are currently participating in the League of Nations (…), they are extremely motivated, they come rather to win, to sum up their mentality”he noted.

As part of this agreement, a French coach would join the coaching staff of the Chinese team: “It’s recognition of the know-how of our professional volleyball (…) it’s a phenomenal economic boost”a conclusion by Yves Bouget.

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