we already know the big bad of season 5, and it's not Vecna

we already know the big bad of season 5, and it’s not Vecna


Available for almost a week, the volume 2 from saison 4 of Stranger Things keep hitting on Netflix. But most eyes are now on the saison 5, which will be the last of the series created by the Duffer brothers. The theories are already legion, and one of them would like us to already know the identity of his big villain.

/!\ Spoilers for season 4 of Stranger Things /!\

An army from the upside down for season 5?

The fourth and penultimate season of Stranger Things is a huge success, so much so that it exceeded one billion hours watched on Netflix, making the series the second to reach this record after Squid Game ! The reasons are many, but all related to the ambition of this season 4: longer, with a smoother production and insisting on horrific aspects, but also a big bad guy both terrifying and charismatic: Vecna/Un/Henry Creel.

If he is beaten at the end of the season, Will makes it clear: he is not dead and he will be back to seek revenge. As evidenced by the incredible final plan of episode 9, Hawkins and the world are in more danger than ever, and for good reason: in the vision shown to him by Vecna, Nancy says she saw that several monsters, an army, were about to invade their world.

But among all these monsters that will potentially land during the final season of Stranger ThingsVecna ​​probably won’t be the most terrifying: it is indeed a giant creature, a dragon with three heads, which could disembark!

Will: a drawing with multiple meanings

But why think that it’s a three-headed dragon, probably red, that will be the main threat in season 5 of Stranger Things ? Well simply because it’s the monster that Will represents in his mysterious drawing, teased throughout the first volume and finally revealed to Mike during the second. When he shows his drawing to Mike for the first time, Will takes the opportunity to make a speech on friendship and especially on the love Eleven has for him, which many fans have interpreted as a “hidden revelation about his sexuality.

On this drawing, Will drew four characters that can be associated with typical Dungeons and Dragons classes: the paladin Mike, leader and “heart” of the group), two knights/warriors (Lucas and Dustin) and a mage (himself ). If we can just think that Will did this to show his loneliness, we know that his drawings have already proved premonitory, like when he drew the mind flayer in season 2. At the time, we learned that he had seen the terrible monster (and we’re not talking about his hairdresser) in visions because he was in the world at the time. ‘towards. However, we know since the end of the last episode of season 4 that this is still the case!

To go further, another clue could confirm the presence of this mysterious three-headed red dragon since following his visions, Nancy mentioned a “giant creature” with a “gaping mouth”. Well we grant you, this description is very vague and proves nothing, but on the other hand we are much more convinced by the theory on Will, which is also very successful on TikTok !

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