who is his new companion Alexandre Kominek?

who is his new companion Alexandre Kominek?


Florence Foresti would now be in a relationship with Alexandre Kominek, a young Swiss comedian. (Photo by Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images)

New life for Florence Foresti, since she was recently spotted on the arm of a young comedian, a certain Alexandre Kominek. They appeared during the 100th show “A gala evening” by Vincent Dedienne, June 27, 2022. But who is his new lover?

Florence Foresti has often spoken of love with humor, on stage. Between the sketches where she half-worded her ex-companion or her show on motherhood, like many comedians, she drew inspiration from her private life to make the public laugh. But in love, everything is not always funny, and if she has lived pretty romances, she has also had difficult breakups. In 2004, Florence Foresti notably divorced her first husband, Jérome Daran, then had a love affair with Julien Mairesse, artistic director, concert director and father of her daughter Toni, born in 2007. More recently, she also shared the life of director and screenwriter Xavier Maingon, from whom she separated after several years of love.

Video. Florence Foresti as a couple, she formalizes her relationship with a young comedian!

A younger man for Florence Foresti

The actress and humorist, however, seems well recovered from her breakup, since a few days ago, June 27, 2022 to be precise, Florence Foresti appeared on the arm of a new man: Alexandre Kominek. Both went to the 100th of the show “A gala evening” by Vincent Dedienne, a longtime friend of the star. A first appearance for the couple who has not yet spoken about this budding romance.

Currently, Florence Foresti and Alexandre Kominek prefer to be discreet, but the information quickly made the rounds of the tabloids, especially since the man is much younger than his companion. 33 years for him, soon 49 for her: they are 15 years apart! The comedian therefore joins the women who date younger men.

Who is this young comedian?

Originally from Switzerland, Alexandre Kominek was born in Geneva in 1989. Acting has always been his passion, but after being refused the prestigious Cours Florent, he finally chose to turn to studies in artistic direction within the school. CREA Genève, from which he graduated in 2014. However, there is no question of forgetting his passion: he has performed on stage many times, notably on the stage of the Swiss Comedy Club, the Montreux Comedy Club, or even the Jamel Comedy. Club.

In 2018, he really started to make himself known to the general public thanks to the web series “#Seniors”, as well as thanks to his stand up show “Bâtard Sensible”. He was also able to appear in front of the camera in the Canal+ mini-series “6 x Confiné.es” and in the short film “Gina” directed by Marina Rollman. Today followed by more than 30,000 people on social networks, the comedian is on the rise, and it’s only just begun.


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