Yohan Manca responds to accusations of domestic violence by Judith Chemla

Yohan Manca responds to accusations of domestic violence by Judith Chemla


” I can not stand it anymore. I demand to have peace “. It is with these few words that ends the cry from the heart launched by Judith Chemla a few days ago on Instagram. In this message accompanying photos of her swollen face, the actress confided in an open heart about the complaints filed against her former companion whom she does not name and whom she accuses of domestic violence.

Accusations that she reiterated on Wednesday on the antenna of France Inter, specifying that her ex-partner posed as a victim. “I will fight so that she (their daughter, editor’s note) knows that she must protect herself and him so that he understands that if he does not change, his daughter will be a consenting battered wife “, she concluded at the microphone of Léa Salamé.

A little over 24 hours after the overwhelming testimony of Judith Chemla, her former companion has just come out of silence this Thursday. In a ” right of reply “Posted on Instagram, Yohan Manca thus returned to the evening when he threw a phone in the face of the one who shared his life at the time. Referring to the shame felt when he realized that she was hurt, he claims that he did not “never exercised physical violence on Judith or on other women ». « It was the only time, and the time too many ».

« I had learned that day by reading messages, that my companion, mother of my first child and who was expecting a second, had betrayed me with another man. The infidelity would have hurt me, but the doubt of not being the father of the child she was carrying made me totally lose control and have this unforgivable gesture”he writes, stressing that he did not wish, at the start, to evoke the context of this dispute because he “ was a matter of their private life” but that he changed his mind when the actress revealed it on France Inter.

« I thought I could save our family with inappropriate behavior, not realizing that I had an insistent attitude, that I did not respect his freedom, behavior that I could have had when I was younger and that I thought behind me . Since then, I have been doing therapeutic work on my flaws, work to question myself. I apologize publicly today, as I already apologized to Judith in private and at the bar of a court a few months ago, for these facts which I have always acknowledged, and for which I have been sentenced “he adds before denying the “ serious allegations of instrumentalization of their daughter, who is the subject of psychological support, at her request”.

“These photos published by Judith a year later and which replay the May trial, this time in the media, and without respect for the contradictory, follow a dispute over our daughter’s vacation dates. I don’t want to get involved in a media conflict that would seriously infringe on our privacy and of which we would all be losers, starting with our child. The clarifications that I wanted to make today are intended to convey my truth, in the interest of my family, and in particular my daughter, but also of the teams with which I work, who have continued to give me support and confidence despite this context “, he concludes.

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