After Silverstone, Max Verstappen (Red Bull) replies: "It's good that Hamilton is learning to take the rope at 37"

After Silverstone, Max Verstappen (Red Bull) replies: “It’s good that Hamilton is learning to take the rope at 37”


Max Verstappen may have dropped a few points in the drivers’ standings at Silverstone on Sunday. But the Dutchman has on the other hand lost none of his attacking temperament in front of the microphones. The Red Bull driver had the opportunity to respond to the press on Thursday to Lewis Hamilton. If the two men did not fight on the track on Sunday, the fault of aero problems on the Red Bull of the world champion, the Briton had fun in his fight for the podium with Charles Leclerc (Ferrari), Sergio Pérez (Red Bull) or Fernando Alonso (Alpine). Much more amused in any case than in 2021 when “LH44” and Verstappen had clashed from the first round, sending the Batavian into the background at high speed.

Charles did a great job, he is a very sensitive drivernoted the seven-time world champion on Sky Sports on Sunday. It is clearly very different from what I experienced last year. In Copse, for example, we went to two (abreast) without any problem. What a battle!

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07/05/2022 At 07:16

“Charles gave Hamilton less space than I gave Lewis in 2021”

Brought to react to these remarks in front of the Dutch media, taken up by Autosport, Max Verstappen did not deflate, as he would have done at the wheel. “I think it’s good that you can still learn to take apex at the age of 37. He learns, so it’s positive. It’s also a good example for young drivers to show that you can still progress at 37.

The Silverstone 2021 episode is apparently still not completely forgotten. Verstappen had hit the wall in a clash at 51G, when Hamilton finally came back to finish ahead after being penalized. This year, the hard fight of the 45th and 48th lap ended under the cheers of the crowd and without breakage, maneuvers as spectacular as perfectly within the limits. “You can clearly see in the pictures what was different from last yearanalyzes the leader Red Bull. I think Charles gave Hamilton less space than I gave him in 2021, so that says it all.

Leclerc sacrificed: “Ferrari has reasoning that even escapes competition”

The defending champion does not wish to argue further, as the Grand Prix at home to his team looms, on the Austrian Red Bull Ring. “In the end, it was Lewis who was penalized last year, so there’s no point talking about that either. […] His comments were a bit sharp, but that won’t have any effect on my performance. I just have to focus on what we’re doing here. I think we’re doing pretty well this year. That’s what I focus on.

The numbers can hardly prove him wrong. Max Verstappen is still 34 points ahead of his teammate Sergio Pérez in the driver standings, and already almost double that of Lewis Hamilton (181 against 93), on the ascending phase with his Mercedes.

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