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Christophe Galtier’s staff in detail


Since Tuesday, the PSG knows his coach for the next two seasons. After experiences at AS Saint Etienne (2009-2017), at LOSC (2017-2021) and to OGC Nice (2021-2022), Christophe Galtier was chosen by the Parisian management to take over from Mauricio Pochettino. And as always, each new coach is accompanied by his trusted men to train the new technical staff of the Rouge & Bleu. In this sense, Objective made the presentation of each of the men who will take place in the organizational chart of the PSG.

João Sacramento and Thierry Oleksiakthe two trustworthy men

The best known is certainly John Sacramento. he will occupy the role of second deputy. Present alongside the French coach at Lillethe Portuguese had also made a freelance with Jose Mourinho at Tottenham and to AS Roma. But as of this season, he will work again with Christophe Galtier to PSG. Despite his young age (33), John Sacramento already has a stellar resume. “Arrived in the wheel of Louis Fields at AS Monacoas a video analyst, his work is noticed » and he ended up becoming the deputy of Leonard Jardim at AS Monaco. To Lillehe will occupy the same role with Marcelo Bielsa then Christophe Galtier from 2017. Its role is clear: “the animation of the collective sessions but especially the analysis of the adversary. » Speaking four languages, he is described as a man close to the players.

The role of first deputy will be occupied by Thierry Oleksiak. True to Christophe Galtierthe 60-year-old followed the French technician to Saint Etienne, Lille and Pleasant. Their first meeting dates back to 1993 at Angers SCO. And since 2013, they have not left each other. Due to his proximity to the new coach of the PSG, Thierry Oleksiak is particularly recognized for “appease and also temper Galtier when it heats up. » In an interview at France Blue in 2021, the deputy said: “Christophe is the decision maker. It is he who has all the leadership and from there, I am at his service. »

The important role of Olivier Gagne

Although he will not officially be part of the staff of Christophe Galtier, Olivier Gagne will have an important role. Indeed, the 36-year-old man will be the right arm of Louis Fields. In particular, he became close to the family of Kylian Mbappe during his visit to AS Monaco. ” TO Parisits mission will be to make the link between all the services around the athlete and to embody the authority of Louis Fields when it is not there. » It will be considered as “the eye of Louis Fields » when the Portuguese is absent.

On their side, Pedro Gomez Piqueras and Albert’s legs will take care of the physical preparation of the players of the PSG. After an experience at Grenadethe two men left the Spanish club a few days ago and will therefore find the 2021 French champion coach. In Lille, Pedro Gomez Piqueras (man chosen by Fields to LOSC), was mostly loaded “of the physical preparation of the first team and he was also at the head of the high performance cell. » Regarding the second Spaniard, he also played an important role in the high performance unit during the Lille title season.

Finally, Isidre Ramon will act as video analyst. He rubs shoulders Christophe Galtier since last season and his move to OGC Nice. Its mission should be to “lead the video department” from PSG. Passionate about data and sports science, Isidre Ramon has had experiences at watford, Barcelona and Valence.

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