Déferlantes-2022: Gigantic crowd and crazy atmosphere for the first evening, the festival makes a successful debut in Céret

Déferlantes-2022: Gigantic crowd and crazy atmosphere for the first evening, the festival makes a successful debut in Céret


Les Déferlantes, Céret first. After 14 editions in Argelès-sur-mer, the festival made its debut in the park of the Château d’Aubiry, this Thursday, with an eclectic program that won over the public from the end of the afternoon until the very end of the evening.

At the culmination of this premiere, an internationally renowned group, the Blacks Eyed Peas. Who extended the party until just over two o’clock in the morning. The interpreters of “Bom Bom Pow” have more hits in their repertoire than there have been editions of Les Déferlantes, and they have shared them with the public.

An audience of all ages, from all walks of life. “Bump it”, “Bom Bom Pow”, “Dirty Bit”… The group delighted the festival-goers who were more than 20,000 at the height of the concert.

Black Eyed Peas, clou du spectacle.
Independant – Clementz Michel

A regional stage to start

The hostilities had started with a well-known artist from the region, the Catalan who also happens to be the patron of the festival, Cali. In front of him, a crowd that was only filling up and warming up to the rhythm of his songs, before the rest of the events.

At the same time Xavier and Sebah Matheu were performing on the other stage, two other artists from the region. It was then Juliette Armanet who took up the torch of Cali, and won over an audience that was always full, with her most popular titles.

NLP conquered the youth

Then it was around 9:30 p.m. that two of the most anticipated artists of this evening arrived, the rap duo PNL. The two brothers were immediately able to count on an audience of aficionados to accompany them on their melodies. An audience that kept filling up, until the place was packed. We hadn’t seen such a crowd since the start of the pandemic… You dreamed of it, the Breakers did it.

Part of the crowd seemed to discover the duo. Perhaps they were waiting for the arrival of Simple Minds, which was to occur a little later. The rappers were in any case grateful to their fans who came in large numbers to wear them and thanked them almost between each of the songs.

« Perpignan, QLF ! Perpignan QLF ! » they even made the crowd chant (QLF meaning “Que la Famille, a slogan that has become the group’s trademark, editor’s note). After interpreting certain classics, bringing their friends up on stage to set fire to them, the artists made way for Simple Minds, a group bringing with them a scent of nostalgia…

The public at that time was very different from that of PNL. Rap fans crossed paths with those who came to see the group in the 1980s and mostly rushed to the other stage where OfenBach, an internationally renowned French DJ, performed.

The latter set the other part of the Château d’Aubiry site on fire, notably to the sound of “Katchi”, his most popular hit. He was mixing on the smaller stage but the place was packed. Why did an artist with such potential not perform on the big stage? Because the other was that of DJ Mag, a magazine with which the artist is in partnership.

« You are fuck*** amazing ! »

Sum 41 then settled on the big stage to make room for metal in this 15e edition of the Déferlantes. « You are fuck*** amazing ! »concluded the Canadian group after more than an hour of show, visibly satisfied with its performance and its public.

SUM 41 seemed overjoyed by the audience.

SUM 41 seemed overjoyed by the audience.
Independant – Clementz Michel

If you had to point out a quack, it was on the side of the shuttles taking festival-goers to the car parks, at the end of the evening, located several kilometers from the site… There were crowds, some were not able to get on the buses before 4 in the morning and you had to jostle to be able to make your way…

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