E-commerce marketing: Channable wants to conquer Europe and the United States

E-commerce marketing: Channable wants to conquer Europe and the United States


The rise of e-commerce goes hand in hand with an increase in transactions and a multiplication of digital touchpoints. Online merchants are equipping themselves with flow management tools to master this inherent complexity of multichannel. These marketing solutions make it possible to list and sell products and services on various sites, marketplaces or social networks such as Amazon, Facebook or Microsoft Advertising.

A multitude of start-ups offer their feed management tools, such as Lengow, Shoppingfeed, Beezup or Iziflux. To this non-exhaustive list, we can also mention the Dutch company Channable. Present in France since 2017, this European specialist in digital marketing has the particularity of combining flow management and SEA automation. Today, its customer base is mainly made up of “retailers and tourism professionals”, explains Fabien Carolillo, head of the commercial department and spokesperson for France, at ZDNet.

What do these two categories have in common? They both have large amounts of data to process. For a customer in the airline sector, for example, this can go up to “thousands of references sometimes”, shows Fabien Carolillo in order of magnitude. Across all markets where the company operates, Channable processes a total of over 55 billion articles per day across 2,500 channels.

In France, Channable claims nearly 300 customers, including Bouygues Telecom, Afflelou, Decathlon Pro, Pierre et Vacances – Center Parcs, among others. E-merchants and brands are not the only contacts for Channable, which also deals with partner marketing agencies to advise customers and help them get started with digital tools. A helping hand is always welcome, even if the grip is not rocket science, assures Fabien Carolillo. A CMS, API keys, or even an online Google Sheets is enough to import the data into the manager. From there, the user can adapt his feeds and connect them to the platforms on which he wants to publish.

55 million euros raised in early February

To gain international visibility, the company very early on developed another technological brick in parallel with flow management: SEA (search engine advertising) automation. For brands, this consists of paying to improve the visibility of their website in the results pages offered by search engines. “There is a real multi-sector interest in using a flow management tool linked to SEA automation”, observes Fabien Carolillo.

With these two offers, Channable does not intend to stop there. The company announced at the beginning of the month a series B fundraising of 55 million euros, supported in particular by the venture capital fund Partech, to continue its development.

This latest investment should notably enable the company to grow internationally, as it opened an office in New York in the fall to expand in the United States. A large part of this amount raised will also cover R & D, “to continue to innovate on products and services”, details the company in a press release.

If the roadmap remains confidential, Fabien Carolillo shows an example of the site on which the company is working. And it’s about Google: the web giant will soon be pushing automation and responsive search ads (RSA). As of June 30, 2022, this machine learning-based format will replace ETAs (Expanded Text Ads), the expanded text ads still used by advertisers on Google. Channable has therefore been preparing for this transition for several months. “In our business, things move very quickly. We are mainly talking about the short and medium term. Hence the importance of having the technical teams available,” says Fabien Carolillo.

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