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Florent Pagny condemned by his cancer? his disturbing latest revelations!

Florent Pagny does not suffer from a small flu, but from cancer. How not to think about death in these conditions?

Florent Pagny is undoubtedly one of the favorite singers of the French. For good reason, in addition to having produced beautiful songs, the man is also a good living. The announcement of his cancer is therefore all the more heartbreaking for his fans and especially for those close to him.

Azucena’s husband shared the bad news on his Instagram account. To do this, the sexagenarian decided to film himself before posting the video on January 25, 2022. The least we can say is that the post caused a reaction. Indeed, the video has accumulated nearly 2 million views and 50 thousand comments.

The announcement of his cancer

If the ad elicited such a reaction, it is because it is poignant. Florent Pagny began by announcing to his subscribers the cancellation of his tour for his 60th birthday. Due to a health problem, he said. The health problem in question is in fact an inoperable cancerous tumor which he will try to get rid of in six months with chemo and x-rays.

However, he reassured his fans by telling them that he will always be present in The Voice. As a reminder, the TF1 program is pre-recorded. Therefore, viewers will always see him in great shape in his mythical red armchair. Does this mean that Florent Pagny is living well with his cancer, which he describes as not very beautiful?

He is very well surrounded

Despite the strength and courage of Florent Pagny, like everyone else, he can be at his worst. Of course, receiving this diagnosis shook him up, and not just a little! It was especially during the first chemotherapy sessions that it was the hardest for the father of Aël and Inca.

Yes, I went through this period where you don’t want anything, you don’t have the morale, you have your heart in your throat, but it passes. I knew pure chemo, the one that is heartbreaking for twelve days, it’s no longer a joke, he confides to Gala.

Florent Pagny is nevertheless lucky to be very well supported. Starting with the medical staff who are doing everything possible to get him back on his feet. In addition, he can also count on his millions of fans, but especially on his wife and their two children together.

I was very well accompanied by my half, my children, and then there were these thousands of messages, testimonies of love, support and good vibes, said the singer in a video posted on Instagram.

Go out with a smile on your face

In the singer’s place, many would have been obsessed with death. In his case, Florent Pagny has already spoken of his relationship to death a few years ago. On the occasion of the release of his song “After us”, the singer had granted an interview to France Bleu. Remember that the lyrics of the song evoke his death.

Asked about the subject of the great departure, Florent Pagny reveals how he wishes to die:

I don’t really think about it. It’s the only certainty (death, editor’s note) that we can have, so let’s try to make it as beautiful as possible. My only fantasy would be to live old, not to be sick and to die with a smile. To be burned at the stake! Because where I live, they won’t bury me: I’ll go up in smoke and it will look like me!

Florent Pagny

His health is improving

If Florent Pagny has now retired from the media, his fans have nothing to fear from the health of the star. Indeed, the latest news about the coach of The Voice are rather reassuring. According to him, his body reacted very well to the treatment given to him by his doctors.

She was as big as a kiwi and turned into a nut after the first two chemo sessions, he said.

This should reassure his fans!

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