Julie (Love is in the meadow) thinned by 20 kg without diet, she shares her miracle cure

Julie (Love is in the meadow) thinned by 20 kg without diet, she shares her miracle cure


In an exclusive interview with Current wife Thursday, June 9, Julie, iconic candidate of Love is in the meadowreturned to her physical transformation.

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In 2017, on the occasion of the twelfth season of Love is in the meadow, viewers had met Julie. Quickly, the horse breeder had caused a sensation by sharing a love affair with sawtooth with her ex-companion Jean-Michel. After a first painful breakup and a terrible miscarriage, the couple of candidates decided to end their relationship in 2019. Since then, the former participant has continued to make his merry way by sharing his news on social networks. And it was especially after posting a photo on May 18, 2022 that Julie created the surprise. The reason ? Almost twenty kilos lighter, just that. But it was only on June 9, during an interview with Current wifethat she explained behind the scenes of this metamorphosis.

“A new way to feed myself”

Asked about her physical transformation by the magazine Current wife, Julie detailed her diet and her new rhythm of life. For several months, the former reality TV candidate has opted for a new diet: “Intermittent fasting.” The goal? “Have at least 16 hours of fasting a day”, she revealed. And it works ! “I’m down to twenty kilos. It’s not a diet strictly speaking, it’s more a new way of eating myself”she said, before continuing: “I don’t put any pressure on myself vis-à-vis the goal I have set myself. I get used to eating like that and if it goes down so much the better, if it stagnates a bit, it’s the body that decided.” Without depriving herself, Julie has especially removed certain ingredients from her diet. “I removed everything that is ready meals. I also reduced the meat a lot. It’s in accordance with me, my personality and my needs”she concluded on the subject.

Julie, her message against fatphobia

If Julie has decided to speak out about her weight loss, it is above all because it is a subject that affects her. In particular because his mother was herself a victim of grossophobia. “It is unfortunately something that affects a lot of people. These people are judged. If they are overweight, it is necessarily because they are stuffing themselves. It particularly affects me because my mother undergoes this. She really has weight problems and has always suffered from fatphobia”, she regretted. But the ex-candidate does not let herself be dismantled, on the contrary. She speaks in the media and campaigns against clichés: “Talking about it is also giving people confidence, telling them that we can succeed […] When I said that I had lost 17.5 kilos, people panicked saying to me: ‘Maybe we should stop losing it!’ There is no rule. Today I feel good. It was starting to become heavy for me to look at myself in the mirror because I felt like I wasn’t me. But it’s not for other people.” A beautiful message of hope.

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