Thor ne sera probablement pas le seul au centre de l'histoire.

Love and Thunder, Thor gets overshadowed by other characters


In the previous films of the Thor franchise, the plot mainly focuses on Thor Odinson, the character of Chris Hemsworth. Nevertheless, the movie Thor : Love and Thunder will probably be an exception.

Le new Marvel Cinematic Universe title (MCU) will integrate among others three main roles. It is of course about Thor Odinson which has been at the center of every story in the franchise so far. However, another character could steal the show, like Jane Foster that Natalie Portman interprets, without forgetting Gorr the Godslayer who is the antagonist in Thor : Love and Thunder. Christian Bale plays this complex and important character. If these three characters are essential in the film, others can still put Thor Odinson au second plan.

Thor : Love and Thunder, a second thunder god

The first two titles from the Thor franchise somewhat disappointed the fans. Nevertheless, Thor: Ragnarok was able to rekindle their interest in the franchise. A success that is mainly due to the director Taika Waititi.

With the fourth opus, MCU intends to maintain this momentum. In effect, Waititi once again ensured the realization ofThor : Love and Thunder. If the latter will come out French release July 13, everything currently suggests that the director has done a very good job. Besides, trailers promise a film encore more exhilarating and intense than the previous one.

In this continuation of the franchise, Waititi hit hard by integrating, not one, but two thors. The first is of course Thor Odinson de Chris Hemsworthwhile the second is Jane Foster de Natalie Portman. On the trailers, the latter happens to be and possession of Mjolnir (Thor’s Hammer). Sure, Thor kept Stormbreaker, his half-axe, half-hammer weapon. Indeed, a question arises: “Where does Jane get Mjolnir from?” ».

Indeed, Thor Odinson had a new weapon forged during Avengers : Infinite War since his sister destroyed Mjolnir. This is Stormbreaker. Although Thor finds Mjolnir during Avengers : EndgameCaptain America ends up dragging her back into the past.

If the plot around Thor’s hammer is interesting, the existence of two Thors is even more so. In fact, the second thor even has the potential toeclipse the first.

Secondary characters in the foreground?

Besides Jane Foster, Thor : Love and Thunder will also stage Valkyrie. In the film, she becomes an Asgarian ruler and has an LGBTQ+ love storywithout forgetting Korg et Darcy are endearing characters.

Thor probably won't be the only one at the center of the story.

As mentioned above, Gorr will likewise be a important element of the plot. With the presence of Slayer of Gods, it’s no wonder other gods are popping up. This is particularly the case of Zeus who will be accompanied by the Olympians.

These characters mostly belong to the Thor franchise. However, ofother heroes of the MCU universe will be there. Effectively, the Guardians of the Galaxy will make their appearance.

Thus, each of these characters has a big place in history. Ensemble, they have enough so that the thunder god finds himself relegated au second plan.

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