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Ludo breaks up with Jade (Summary of Episode 917)


“Un Si Grand Soleil” in advance with the complete and detailed summary of episode 917 of Wednesday July 13, 2022 – In this new episode of your daily series, Ludo puts an end to his relationship with Jade..


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The detailed summary of the previous episode of Un Si Grand Soleil is also online. Good reading.


Un Si Grand Soleil: Summary in advance of episode 917 of July 13, 2022

Is Aurore manipulating Enzo?

Florent had been right. The liberty and detention judge rejected his client’s request for release. Florent informs Philippe Verneuil of his decision and then tells him that Judge Alphand will organize a new confrontation between him and his driver. Philippe Verneuil rebels and proclaims his innocence. He is exhausted, no one believes him. Florent encourages him to hang on. Then, he proposes to Verneuil, who is the victim of racketeering in prison, to lodge a complaint with the prison administration. Philippe refuses for fear that it will only make matters worse. Verneuil then refuses to be transferred to another prison so as not to be far from his daughter.

Aurore Verneuil goes to Les Sauvages for lunch, and Enzo takes the opportunity to personally take care of her table. The young woman has an appointment at 2 p.m. in Sète to renegotiate a contract with an important client and checks with Florent’s son that she will be served on time. Enchanted, Enzo bends over backwards for her. At the time of the addition, Enzo offers her the coffee and declares to her that he was delighted to see her again. After the departure of the young woman, Davia teases Enzo. She understood that he had a crush on her when Aurore reappeared. His car won’t start and his company’s mechanic can’t be there for two hours. Enzo has finished his service and pushed by Davia, he offers Aurore to accompany him. During the journey, the young woman indulges in a few confidences. Aurore lost her mother when she was young and as a result, she is very close to her father. Enzo is touched by this mark of confidence.. In the evening, the young man boasts to Kira of having scored points with Aurora when he receives a notification. Aurore accepted his friend request on Facebook. Enzo connects to the social network and admires his photos. Wouldn’t Aurore be manipulating Enzo?

At the campsite, Carole offers her help to Gary who has to do the accounts for the establishment. Whoever finishes last offers the other a drink. Little by little, Carole finds her smile back. They quickly become accomplices. Carole hasn’t seen the time pass and night has fallen when Gary takes her back to his trailer.


Jade is devastated

Ludo is on edge this morning and drily points out to Davia that she hasn’t put the economy mode on the dishwasher. The young woman apologizes. But Ludo still teaches him the lesson. He then apologizes and admits to being in a bad mood. Ludo confides in Bilal that Jade took him for a fool when he receives a call from the police station..’

For his part, Jade’s accomplice has repaid his debts and is going to have a good time in the sun. Jade refused to follow him, determined to turn a page in her life.

Summoned to the police station, Ludo is questioned by Manu and Thierry Valois. The two policemen want to know why he was making a call in front of a villa that was being robbed. Ludo falls from the clouds. He understands that Jade is involved in illicit activities, but he does not report her. Ludo assures the two police officers that it is a misunderstanding and invents a story. But his version does not convince Manu and Thierry. Due to lack of evidence, they are forced to release him. Thierry takes Ludo in shadow at the exit of the police station, but he loses sight of him in the small alleys of the city.

At nightfall, Ludo finds Jade. He climbed back up and put her up against the wall. Jade promises him that she will stop his illicit activities out of love for him. But Ludo can’t stomach the fact that she continued to lie to him when he had the courage to tell her the truth about his past. He ends their relationship. He no longer wants to see her and the order to leave. Jade is devastated. On the way back, Ludo lets out a few tears.

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