Nathalie Marquay

Nathalie Marquay destroyed for life, this heartbreaking message that scares!

Nathalie Marquay in the worst shape since the death of her husband Jean-Pierre Pernaut, former presenter of the JT on TF1. Here is his heartbreaking message.

Since March 2, life no longer has the same flavor for Nathalie Marquay, who has lost the man of her life and the father of her two children, Lou and Tom. At 71, he joined the stars after battling lung cancer. He had already overcome prostate cancer in 2018.

Nathalie Marquay collapsed since the death of her husband Jean-Pierre Pernaut

Then, a first cancer on a lung last year where he had undergone an operation. In September 2021, he learns that he has cancer in the other lung and that this time the operation is not possible. Everything went very quickly, he started a treatment protocol, he went on vacation last December to enjoy his family, he had his third vaccine, then 4 mini strokes, faced other complications and is finally passed away a month ago.

His funeral took place on March 9 at the Sainte-Clotilde basilica in Paris. Since these events, Nathalie Marquay is collapsed, depressed and remains discreet. She feels immense pain and it is indescribable. Obviously, she needs time to absorb the news, grieve and regain a taste for life. But, she will succeed, that’s for sure!

The whole of France supports Nathalie Marquay in her mourning!

From time to time, Nathalie Marquay comes out of her loneliness to thank the admirers of Jean-Pierre Pernaut who show great kindness towards her.

Four weeks to the day after the death of her husband, Nathalie Marquay publishes a moving message in an Instagram story. I receive hundreds of letters a day so thank you, begins the former TPMP columnist.

She continues: Thank you for your support which warms my heart, pointing out that her heart is so sad and that she embraces them. Internet users are as moved as she is and share her pain, that’s obvious.

Nathalie Marquay showed great dignity

One thing is certain, Nathalie Marquay is a fighter, courageous woman who believes in her lucky star. She saved her husband’s life several times thanks to her premonitions. Alas, this time fate took over and decided that the time had come for Jean-Pierre Pernaut.

The day after the death of the journalist, Nathalie Marquay had the strength to express herself in all sincerity in front of the cameras of the 20 hour newspaper of TF1.

She also owed them the first television appearance, since Jean-Pierre Pernaut worked with them for more than thirty years. Always there to deliver good and bad news. This is why he is a part of the family of all French people.

Here is what she had expressed with great tenderness and emotion: I want you to take advantage of us, the children are grown up, I want us both to travel too, she often said. The former beauty queen also added: We were looking forward to being together. Make an old couple, like everyone else.

Nathalie Marquay

But Jean-Pierre is not like everyone else. Indeed, the journalist was passionate about his profession, television, current events, the life of the French people and the heritage of the regions. So he never stopped, it was vital for him. It was his oxygen, explained his widow, before declaring: He was tired. How many times I yelled at him to rest. She certainly regrets not having insisted but she did her best. And above all, she accompanied him to the end. We wish him good luck.

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